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Seriously, What Is Wrong With Nancy Pelosi? Another Press Conference Draws Questions #mentalillness #dementia #Alzheimers

Seriously, what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Is it plain dementia, or is Alzheimer’s ravaging what little is left of her minds?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s recent stumbling through a bizarre speech Thursday brings questions of her mental capacity and soundness when she was stuttering and forgetting her words as she lashed-out at the GOP-sponsored tax cuts; saying the legislation would force more Americans “to pay more taxes in the life.”

The former Speaker of the House was answering questions from reporters during her weekly press briefing when she was asked to comment on President Trump’s widely-popular overhaul of the nation’s tax code.

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“As we all know that the -uh- the Republicans have this tax cuts for the rich; 83% of the benefits going to the top 1%, 86 million middle class American families will be paying -uh- more taxes in the life, of, of the bill, and, what’s important,” said Pelosi.

“Is it increases the deficit when you add in interest on the national… on the tax cut for the cor, corporate to over two, uh, two trillion dollars added to the deficit,” she finally concluded.

Watch Pelosi’s bizarre rant below.


This is far from the first time Nancy has lost her mind during a press conference.

For instance this time, when she suffered 23 brain freezes in under 6 minutes.

Then there was this classic, where she thinks mowing the grass will improve border security.

We certainly can’t forget that Nancy seems to think God speaks directly to her.

Nor should we let it slide that Nancy recently babbled incoherently about the GOP tax cuts.

Nancy, oh Nancy. When will you check yourself into a hospice, so you can end your life with a ounce of dignity?


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April 15th, 2018


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