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VIDEO – ‘She’s a Wonderful Lover’ says Teen Who Married 72-Year-Old #Senior Citizen #sex #freakshow

A 72-year-old grandmother insists she has found ‘true love’ with her 19-year-old husband – who says he has ‘never seen attracted to younger women’.

Almeda Errell, from Maryville, Tennessee, fell in love with husband Gary Hardwick at a birthday party, with the pair enjoying a whirlwind romance.

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After just two weeks of dating, Gary popped the question and the couple decided to get married, despite their 53-year-old age gap, reports the Mirror.

Gary – who is younger than one of Almeda’s grandsons – describes himself as ‘really mature for his age’, and had just come out of an unhappy relationship with a 77-year-old woman when he met Almeda.

The couple, who have now been married for two years, say they’re still happier than ever – although they admit that not everyone in the family has been accepting of their relationship.

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Speaking about her relationship with teenager Gary, mother-of-four Almeda said: ‘If you love somebody, age is just a number.

‘I’ve now been happily married going on two years with my true soul mate.

‘We met at Chuck E Cheese, there was a birthday party there. I looked into his eyes and I just fell in love.

‘I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with. I was never intimidated by the age at all.’

Gary meanwhile said it was love at first sight for him and the grandmother-of-six.

‘The first thing that attracted me to Almeda was her beautiful, gorgeous blue eyes. And her personality, he said.

‘She’s always full of laughter and we just connected so well. The chemistry was great.

‘Everything about her has just captured my heart since day one.’



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April 17th, 2018


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