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Women Demand Male Pleasure Android – Get What They Want *VIDEO* #robotics #technology #sex

Robotics is going to change the world in ways we cannot even imagine. The same goes for Artificial Intelligence. While both are essentially in their adolescence in development, they are taking off in ways very similar to science-fiction predicted.

In the critically-acclaimed “AI: Artificial Intelligence, Jude Law portrayed a pleasure android that went by “Gigolo Joe”, and his entire reason for existence was male prostitution. As we speak, the first “Gigolo Joe’s” are being designed. Primitive compared to what is to come, but like any other technology, the beginning is always the hardest part.

Pleasure android creator Matt McMullen, CEO of Realbotix, has admitted to an unexpected demand by women for a male model to pleasure themselves with.

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At present, only female versions of Harmony avatars and robotic heads are available to download and pre-order for around £11,000 ($15,000), depending on customisations.

McMullen told Daily Star he is aiming to release a male version of Harmony which he is yet to name.

“We’re working on a male version of the robot AI,” he said.

“We’ll eventually have a male and a female platform available.”

Matt, whose firm is based in San Diego, California, previously told Daily Star Online of blueprints to create a male pleasure android with a bionic penis “better than a vibrator”.

Talking about its functionality, Matt said users will be able to “plug the robot in” allowing it to go “as long as you want”.

Referring to its manhood, Matt said the male pleasure androids will come in all shapes and sizes – meaning the “sky is the limit”.

Now he hopes to bring these plans to fruition in 2018, alongside the female model of his pleasure android, Harmony.

Describing how it will differ from Harmony, he said: “It’s the obvious, the gender; both in the personality and the voice then obviously the male physicality of the robot.

“There’s rebuilding that needs to happen on both fronts to create a male platform.

“We’re working hard on that and that’s one of the next big things we’re looking to get up and running.”

In 2017, Matt said he came under fire for “objectifying women” by creating a female pleasure android with big breasts andporn star features.

Defending his company, Matt said his customers want to use pleasure androids – male and female – “not necessarily in a sexual way”.

“We have equal interest in male and female versions of what we’re doing,” he said.

“I feel it’s important to offer both. We get a lot of people gravitating to the fact that we’ve just made a female robot so far.

“People have accused us of objectifying women, but it’s important that people know that this is more than a sex toy.

“We have a lot of female customers interested in buying male robots as companions to talk to and interact with.”

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January 7th, 2018

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