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Woman Snatches Lunatic Gunman’s Shotgun Away, Shoots Him With It *VIDEO* #crime #Oklahoma

There are days at work you wish you could forget, then there are days where you’ll always be remembered.

An Oklahoma woman recently had a day at work where she’ll always be remembered for her bravery and quick, live-saving action.

She’s being called a hero, and here’s why.

Colette Wind has been employed at Bergey Windpower in Norman for roughly six years.

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She’s now being hailed a hero for stepping in Wednesday when a man entered the Norman business with a gas mask and firearms and confronted his wife.


Bergey Windpower’s president, Michael Bergey, was inside and heard the shots.

“Heard screaming. Had to take the headphones off to hear what was being said. It was, ‘Call 911,’ then I heard a gun go off,” Bergey said. “I saw sight of the gunman holding a long gun against one of our employees and I ducked behind my desk, had 911 on the phone as quickly as I could.

Wind was in another room and intervened. The gunman then shot her, officials said.

“He put the shotgun down, and one of our employees picked it up and, as the gunman went for his other (gun), he had two other pistols. Our employee shot him,” Bergey said.

Bergey and her family members are rightfully calling Wind a hero for risking her life to help a friend, reports KOCO.

“We need her back,” Bergey said. “I’m not at all surprised that she tried to help her friend who was sitting at the desk right across from her.”

Wind was shot in the arm and underwent surgery.

Police haven’t released the names of the suspect wounded with the shotgun, and the other employees involved, but both are expected to recover.


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January 12th, 2018

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