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WATCH – Woman Dragged From Airliner After Flipping Out Over Economy Section Seat *VIDEO* #airline

A U.S.-bound passenger was reportedly dragged off a Korean Air flight from South Korea to San Francisco on Friday, allegedly because she refused to sit in her designated economy seat.

Footage of the incident — shared to YouTube by Korea JoongAng Daily, a Korean newspaper affiliated with The New York Times — shows the woman resisting as several Korean Air flight attendants attempt to remove her before takeoff from Incheon Airport.

In the video, the passenger can also be heard chanting “U.S. Marshall” and what sounds like “Korean Air stole my passport” as the employees pull her from what looks to be a business-class seat and push her down the aisle toward the front of the aircraft. A number of passengers also begin to applaud as she’s removed.


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The woman then appears to fall, before she is seen being seated in a wheelchair-like conveyance by flight attendants. She’s then seen holding up a peace sign and shouting “Nuclear Disarmament!” before mugging for the camera and adding, “Meanwhile at SpaceX!”

The entire ordeal reportedly began after the woman had taken a seat in business class, despite booking an economy seat, and then refused to move once she was asked to sit in her designated seat, the San Francisco Gate reported, citing a Korean pop culture blog called

The woman, who was identified as an American by the SFGate, reportedly ended up delaying the flight by one hour and 40 minutes, the JoongAng Daily said.

Footage of the incident is reminiscent of a similar video shared following the United Airlines dragging incident of April 2017, during which a passenger named David Dao was forcibly dragged from a flight after being involuntarily selected to be bumped in favor of crew members needing transport. In Dao’s case, however, he was chosen to be pulled from the flight at random, and not because he had been disobeying the crew.

Dao later settled a lawsuit with the airline for an undisclosed amount.

Representatives for Korean Air and SkyTeam were not immediately available to comment.


In another airline freak out, a woman’s expletive-filled outburst during the emergency landing of her Spirit Airlines flight reportedly left her fellow passengers — and the cabin crew — in tears.

On June 25, Spirit flight 346 departed Bush Intercontinental Airport around 8 a.m. en route to Minneapolis, KHOU reports.

After an hour in the skies, however, the aircraft was forced to touch down early in Rochester, Minn., after a male passenger suffered a medical emergency.

“The attendant thought that he was just sleeping but he was actually in a coma,” passenger Stephanie Calder told the outlet.

As the plane diverted, a unnamed female passenger became enraged, running up the aisle and firing off an expletive-filled rant.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language (See below).

“Get me the f— off this [long string of expletives] plane!” she screamed, according to footage obtained by KTRK. “You want to be [expletive] and b–chy to me? You’ll see me f—ing pissed!”

“Do you know who my brothers are? They are f—ing Marine snipers. Do you want to f— with a f—ing Marine?” she continued, yelling at a male passenger who stood up to block her from the cockpit. “Do you want to know what hell is? I’ve [expletive] been there 10 [expletive] times!”

The plane was met by paramedics upon landing, for the ailing man, and police soon arrived for backup. The authorities were informed that the woman is a military veteran battling PTSD, and sent her to a hospital for mental health evaluation, KHOU reports.

It is not immediately clear at this time if the woman had a relationship to the male passenger who suffered a medical emergency.

Meanwhile, many passengers were left shaken in the wake of the incident.

“Just to be in that confined space when someone that is going through something very traumatic in their life and there’s nothing you can do,” passenger Chianti Washington told Click 2 Houston. “There’s nowhere you can go.”

Washington further divulged to KHOU that at least one flight attendant was crying after the woman’s outburst. Other flight attendants distributed tissues to passengers who were left in tears as well.

Police report that a third passenger also deplaned in Rochester, as he was upset with how Spirit Airlines handled the incident, KHOU notes.

After an hour in Rochester, the plane took off and continued on to Minneapolis.

The airline gave KTRK the following statement:

“Yesterday morning, a flight from Houston to Minneapolis had to land in Rochester, Minnesota, due to a guest experiencing a medical emergency,” a spokesperson said. “On the ground in Rochester, another passenger became erratic and irate and was removed from the aircraft with the assistance of law enforcement. We apologize to our guests who had to witness this and for the inconvenience of the delay.”

“Safety is our top priority at Spirit Airlines,” the airline added.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
August 2nd, 2018


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