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Cultural Marxism Infests University – White Professor Wrong Race For “Indigenous” Course #education #Communism

Cultural Marxism

The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia.

This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, god or even family or the state. The Philosophy was proven not to Work already by Vladimir Lenin as he tried in vein to control and subjugate the people. He admitted before he died that capitalism was the only true system in which people understand how to live with each other…. Lenin knew that there were a few western Idiots who kept spreading the communist ideas long after Lenin gave up…. he called these people useful idiots as they had more emotion than brains and could be used to subvert the western states for a military takeover in the future as the citizens would already be perverted and sick and weak from poisonous ideas, decadent lusts and mindless entertainment.

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It’s not enough to teach politically correct things in college courses anymore. The teacher’s identity needs to match the course content.

Canada’s Mount Saint Vincent University is having second thoughts about assigning a white professor to teach a fall course on the controversial boarding schools that once educated the country’s tribal children.

It’s not that Martha Walls is unqualified as a scholar to teach “Selected Topics in North American History: Residential Schools,” according to a Friday report by The Canadian Press: She’s an expert in “Atlantic Canadian First Nations history.”

It’s not that Mount Saint Vincent has closed its doors to North American tribe member faculty: It continues to actively recruit them.

The problem is that Walls is a “settler scholar” who comes to the subject as an outsider, not an indigenous person:

Critics say only Indigenous (no one is indigenous, all humans on the American continents are immigrants, or descendants of immigrants) people have the lived experience to understand the complex and cumulative ways they’ve been discriminated against, and that they should have the agency to teach their own history. …

Rebecca Thomas, a Mi’kmaq community activist in Halifax, says part of reconciliation is allowing Indigenous Peoples a voice.

“There is this perpetuation that non-Indigenous people have the right and expertise to speak on Indigenous topics when in reality the lived experience of what it’s like to be a product of these systems within Canada, there’s no voice better than first voice,” she said.


The administration looks like it might cave to outside pressure and yank the course away from the white professor.

In a follow-up report, the Press said “the school called a meeting this week between Indigenous faculty and staff and the professor assigned to the course to determine a way forward.”

The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, which promotes freedom of thought in Canadian universities, is asking the public university to “clearly and forcefully repudiate” the “false and pernicious” idea that race or ethnicity should be a consideration in assigning courses.

The society’s president, Saint Mary’s University Prof. Mark Mercer, said in a letter to Mount Saint Vincent Provost Elizabeth Church that the university shouldn’t micromanage its history department, which chose Walls for the course.


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May 15th, 2018


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