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What In the World Is Happening In Germany? A Citizen Speaks Out! *VIDEO* #Germany #refugee #invasion

It’s very rare that word of what is happening in Europe actually gets told by the fake news media. They would have you believe that the invasion of 7th century barbarians is going just fine, and the Europeans are reveling in the wonders of multiculturalism.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Europe is in the midst of a full-scale invasion by barbarians who have nothing but hostile intent, and they are being helped by globalists.

Read the testimony below.

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Chemnitz Infamous: What Happened in Germany?

The city of Chemnitz in the German state of Saxony has a population of 246,855. On August 26th at approximately 0300hrs a physical altercation took place after a city festival. Three individuals got injured and one of them died.

As it turned out, all the victims were Germans and the suspected perpetrators were supposedly foreigners (refugees).

In response to the violent altercation elements of the population were calling for a demonstration march and protests against the refugees and the pro refugee politics of the German government. During the demonstration march and protests some scenes developed in which foreigners were rushed and chased through the streets.

The official speaker of the notorious “it’s without alternative” chancellor Ms. Merkel immediately condemned the scenes and basically everybody who was out protesting and literally setting the stage for blaming almost a quarter million people as Nazi racists for what some might have done.

After all, none of it was confirmed by credible sources and the infamous video, that was shown worldwide, was published from a leftist website called “Antifa Zeckenbiss” (Antifa tick bite).

The debate around what exactly happened would later cost the director of the “Verfassungsschutz” (German domestic secret service) his position because he had cautioned against simply trusting information from questionable sources that had not been verified by any official source.

In the mean-time the world news was running amok about how any foreigner in Germany would be at risk and that many Germans would still be eternity-minded Nazis. Some news outfits outside of Germany appeared especially eager to portray the picture.

In the end, some of the most known German bands gave a charity concert against hate, racism and Nazis and basically demanded more help for refugees and more libertarianism, but the leftist idea of it. The suspected perpetrators were soon set free and the debate about the domestic secret service director pushed the actual incident aside, much to the delight of the refugee supporters.

So, let’s just clarify that Saxony as part of the former German Democratic Republic had less experience with immigration than Lower Saxony in the former Federal Republic of Germany. The Saxons are easy going people when treated fairly, but as many East Germans were not treated fairly in the reunification process and after (i.e. lower social security than the west, higher unemployment rate, broken promises amass) the people are tired.

For many years Germans had to take a lot of cuts on their individual wealth, which lead to the bleeding out of the middle class and an increased poverty. Statistics show that in Germany only roughly over 51% own their own apartment or house, while in much “poorer” European nations this number is much higher. If it comes to individual financial wealth, Germany is far behind the average value of the European Union and only in the lower third.

Since questionable politics are constantly increasing the cost of living (i.e. electricity is much more expensive than in France, due to the exit from nuclear power and a general craziness to save the world and live climate friendly which is overly expensive, though) only few can invest money to prosper. The population of poorer countries has more financial means to invest in stocks or real estate than many Germans.

Then Germans had to listen to the government not being able to keep open public pools, libraries, etc., they had to listen to sad stories about how the government had to save money so they had to pay more tax, get less from their healthcare and watch the schools rot away and have less than up to date equipment for the education of their kids.


Then suddenly, a million of “refugees” are let in without any constitutional justification and all of a sudden there is more than enough money to welcome them all and support them, and in many cases “spoil” them from head to toe, or at least that is the way many Germans are looking at it. Furthermore, the German populace are always told that it (a violent crime by a refugee or other foreign immigrant) is always an individual case and not a group movement or trend, but there are just too many of these individual cases. Just in August alone the number of these individual cases was 121.

The investigations are still underway (supposedly) and eventually something that most likely might be a politically correct truth will be published about what happened … or not. In any case, none of this is a justification for racism, but it puts the events from Chemnitz into perspective.


Uwe Junemann, Guest Writer & proud German citizen
October 22nd, 2018


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