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WATCH – Woman Videos As Barbaric Indianapolis ‘Hood Rats Attack McDonald’s Employee Over McNuggets *VIDEO* #o4anews #McDonalds

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November 12th, 2017

She never expected to be a witness to a bizarre attack by uncivilized ‘hood rats at a McDonald’s drivethru window, but she was.

After ordering a cup of coffee for herself, and some breakfast for her daughter, Monique McNeely found herself shooting video through the window of her car at about 2:30 a.m. Friday in the drive-through lane of an Indianapolis McDonald’s.

She had watched as the uncouth criminals in front of her climbed through the drive-through window to shout and throw punches at the restaurant’s manager in an argument over Chicken McNuggets — and she decided to record it.

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“I had just placed my order and I was driving around the corner when I heard all this shouting,” McNeely said Saturday. “And I saw two girls just dive through the drive-through window. Then I started recording, because I knew this was going to be an important video.”

In the first video taken by McNeely, you can see a woman inside the restaurant, leaning halfway out of the drive-through window and throwing punches back at someone inside. In the second video, the same woman and another woman climb back out through the window, hurl some loud threats, then get in their car before driving away.

“It was shocking to see what was happening,” said McNeely, who is from Texas and was visiting Indianapolis with her daughter for a band competition. “I was like ‘What happened? What did I just witness?’ ”

At any point did she fear for her own safety?

“I was worried that they were going to see me. If you see the video, you can see me trying to hide behind the wheel. There was a point where I knew they saw me, but then they just got back in their car and drove off.”

She does catch the license plate of the suspects’ car for a few moments in the video. McNeely went back to her hotel room, posted the videos on Facebook and shared it with a few friends. She also turned it over to the restaurant, who gave it to the police reports the Citizen-Times.

No one could be reached at the McDonald’s, but the incident appeared to be over an order of McNuggets. According to WISH-Channel 8, the manager said the women complained that they hadn’t been given all the McNuggets they had ordered. However, the manager said they had placed an order for only four McNuggets, not 10, and he showed them the receipt. When they asked to order more, he told them they had to drive around to order again at the sign board.

The manager then reportedly told the two women to “Have a nice day” and the fight broke out.

According to a report filed with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the suspects, if found, could be charged with battery and vandalism charges. The report said: “Two females, upset that they didn’t get their chicken mcnuggets (sic.), climbed through the drive thru window, damaging property and assaulting an employee.” There’s no word yet from police on any arrests.

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