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WATCH – Stumblin’, Bumblin’ Nancy Pelosi Barely Gets Through Bizarre Press Conference *VIDEO* #o4a #Democrat

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
October 2th, 2017

Seriously, what is wrong in Nancy Pelosi’s brain?

Once again during her weekly press conference, she stumbled over words, babbled incoherently, stared blankly at the media, and on top of all that, had multiple face spasms.

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“What an event-filled morning has been,” Pelosi began incorrectly, and it got worse from there..

“Really one that, uh, marks a transf— for—” she said, before staring at reporters barely 10 seconds into the appearance, and finally saying, “transformative moment…”

Then, she couldn’t make heads or tails between billions and trillions.

“When President Bush left office the deficit was 1.4 trillion,” she said as she suffered an apparent facial spasm, “uh, trillion dollars. So you’re talking about an enormous amount of money. The national debt increased by an enormous amount — the debt was 1.4 billion in terms of the deficit.”

If you ever wondered why the Federal govt wastes so much money, here’s your answer. When high-ranking elected officials can’t tell the difference between TRILLION and BILLION, you have a problem.

“This is about the American people and how policy here affects them,” she said. After staring and murmuring something softly, she blurted out “low,” before continuing, “instead let’s go to the table…”

Then, answering a reporter’s question, she started out babbling incoherently, then recovered her senses and said, “We’re here for the American people…”

Then out of nowhere, she said, “Education being essential. Education, by the way, being any money being spent on education that—” she said before stopping and staring at reporters, and continuing.

When she attempted to say “declaring an emergency.” Nancy had another face spasm.

Then, having another brain-lock moment Pelosi said, “House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans and the White House, as to uh— what— when that will happen,” blurting it out.

Just as she thought she had it together, it was all she could do to say “continuing.”

“It has to happen soon so that we can have it done, uh, by the um— the end of the— con— ca— uh, the continuing resolution,” she finally said.

And people wonder why nobody takes Democrats seriously anymore.

Video courtesy of American Mirror.

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