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WATCH! – Russia Test Fires Brutally Lethal ‘Satan Two’ Nuclear Missile #*VIDEO* #Russia #news

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October 29th, 2017


Russia just carried out a test launch of its Satan 2 nuclear missile, which sources say is capable of wiping out an entire country with a single strike.

Russia’s defense ministry said the rocket, also called the RS-28 Sarmat, was fired roughly 500 miles north of Moscow from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome spaceport reports UK Daily Mail.

The missile covered 3,600 miles before hitting a target on the Kura test range on the Kamchatka peninsula, an intercontinental ballistic missile impact area in the Russian Far East.

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The Satan-2 missile is reported to be capable of carrying 12 nuclear warheads and giving it the capacity to devastate an entire country in one strike.

During the Russian’s military show of force, three nuclear missile submarines also carried out successful ballistic missile tests, while three bombers hit ground targets with cruise missiles.

Two of the submarine-launched missiles were fired in the Okhotsk Sea, north of Japan and close to North Korea, the Russian military said.

A third missile was fired from the Barents Sea, in the Arctic Ocean.

The Kremlin also said President Vladimir Putin was involved with the exercise and personally launched the rocket, in addition to test-launching three others himself, Reuters reported.

Russia has “carried out an exercise to manage its strategic forces,” the defense ministry said in a statement. “All objectives of the training have been successfully completed.”

The Sarmat next generation intercontinental ballistic missile can ‘beat any defences’ and wipe out entire countries, according to Russia’s military.

The weapon has been in the pipeline since 2009 and is now ready after several setbacks, with initial trials to be carried out before the end of the year, sources claim.

The weapon could by in use by 2019 – 2020.

It would be capable of delivering warheads of 40 megatons – 2,000 times as powerful as the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

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