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WATCH- Pilot Pulls Epic Maneuver During High Cross-wind Landing Attempt *VIDEO* #o4a #news

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October 31st, 2017

Passengers on an Enter Air plane made it through a potentially deadly and terrifying incidentwhile attempting to land in Salzburg, Austria, on Sunday reports Mashable.

Fighting strong cross winds, the pilot was forced to undertake a maneuver that is rarely seen on a passenger airliner.

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The Enter Air plane from Frankfurt, Germany, made a “touch and go” landing as seen in the passenger video above.

Watch the terrifying touch-and-go in the video below.:

The deadly storm, referred to as windstorm Herwart, brought in winds over 100 mph throughout central Europe.

The extreme winds caught the aircraft as it was landing. The right wing dropped and the flight crew attempted a go-around in Salzburg before heading back to Frankfurt. It later landed safely there.

All passengers and crew were reportedly safe after the incident.

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