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WATCH! – Oklahoma Thug Leads Police On Hours-Long Chase With HILARIOUS Face-Plant Ending *VIDEO* #o4anews #Oklahoma

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November 11th, 2017

The police in the Oklahoma City metro had an exciting day at work, that fortunately ended in no loss of life.

A man, identified as Brenton Hager, led police on an hours-long chase with bizarre pauses to dump stolen property from the vehicle.

The suspect in a chase through multiple cities Friday is facing at least eight charges, including reckless driving and alluding police, reports KOCO.

Hager, 25, was taken into custody with Taser prongs still in the back of his neck after a wild chase through several counties, off roads and woods.

Watch the highlights of the chase here, more detailed videos below.

According to police, officers were chasing a stolen vehicle on I-240 in southwest Oklahoma City. The high-speed chase continued into Moore.

At one point Hagar stopped near Southwest 164th and Cold Fire Road, where he can be seen on Sky 5 footage removing a box from the bed of the truck. That’s when another driver pulled up the suspect to try to block him. That person, later identified as Pastor Craig Wright, fired shots at the truck’s tires, but Hager kept going.

Wright told KOCO 5 he saw the chase on TV, spotted the suspect and decided to follow him.

He said he parked his car in the road in an effort to block the suspect and asked him if needed any help but the suspect drove off — that’s when the pastor grabbed his gun.

“Thought well let’s see if we can shoot out that left rear tire and maybe that would slow him down,” Wright said.

“I was just afraid that if he got back out on the highway he’d probably, you know, he may kill somebody,” he added.

The pastor was never arrested, but detained briefly for questions.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator’s mother, Kelle Holmes, watched the chase involving her son play out on live TV, talking to him by phone, begging him to give himself up.

“First he thought he was going to outrun them, I said you can’t outrun them!” Holmes said. “To the families that have been hurt, I pray for them!”

The mother of a man who led Oklahoma City police officers on a bizarre high-speed chase cheered as she watched him being taken into custody on KOCO 5.

Kelle Holmes told KOCO 5 she was praying that he would make it through this alive.

Watch the hilarious end of the chase below. Wait for the faceplant!

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