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WATCH – Obama Approved Sale Despite Knowing Uranium One Deal Was Bribery & Kickback Scheme #o4a #Obama #Hillary #Russia

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November 1st, 2017

Despite Barack Hussein Obama knowing about a bribery and money laundering scheme involving a Russian official and Russian subsidiary involved in the transportation of uranium in the United States, the former President overlooked the obvious problems, and with the blessing of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, agreed to selling the Vancouver-based Uranium One company to Rosatom (Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation), which gave the Russians (and President Vladimir Putin) control over 20% of U.S. uranium production.

At least nine investors in Uranium One gave $145 million to the Clinton Foundation before and after the sale. Bill Clinton personally received $500,000 for a speech sponsored by a Russian bank that supported the purchase of Uranium One.

Victoria Toensing, an attorney who represents an undercover informant who helped the FBI in its investigation of the kickback and money laundering scheme, said her client has information on how bribery money came from Russian operatives, and how these Russians were seeking to expand their holdings in the uranium market and “peddle influence with the State Department and the Clintons.”

Toensing, speaking on the Oct. 25 edition of Hannity, also said that her client “was being told by the FBI that President Obama was being briefed on this matter” as the investigation was occuring 2009-2014.

Investigative reporters John Solomon and Sara Carter, also on the Hannity program, confirmed some of Toensing’s statements and stressed that the money being used to buy influence was “coming from Moscow.” and going directly to the Clintons.

“There is no doubt that the color of money that was raining down during this period was noticeably red,” said Solomon. “It was coming from Moscow. I have been working on a project just putting all the different money that’s came in from Russia. It is over $40 million over a two-, three-year period going to people around the Clintons. That can’t be an accident.”

All of that money does not even include the multi-million-dollar donations made to the Clinton Foundation.

Further, the informant apparently has emails, documents, and tapes that “show the bribery, the racketeering, the corruption, the money laundering and the extortion,” noted Hannity, and Victoria Toensing said, “Yes.”

She added, “And he can put a lot of meat on those bones that Sara and John have built for us. He can give context and he can tell about conversations, the Russians had, about what they were doing with various piles of money and the Uranium One.”

Video courtesy of CNS News.

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