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WATCH – Hanoi Jane Admits She Knew Weinstein Was a Pervert, Did Nothing To Stop Him *VIDEO* #o4a #Weinstein

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October 13th, 2017

As if her collaborating with the North Vietnamese wasn’t bad enough, “Hanoi Jane” Fonda told Christiane Amanpour in an interview posted online by CNN that she knew about Hollyweird producer Harvey Weinstein’s deviant behavior toward women a year ago.

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“I found out about Harvey about a year ago, and I am ashamed that I didn’t say anything right then,” Fonda told Amanpour.

Amanpouor followed up: “Why didn’t you? You’re so bold.”

“I was not that bold,” said Fonda. “Because, I guess, it hadn’t happened to me, and so I didn’t feel it was my place.”

Never mind the fact she knew that women were being violated, that she allowed a sex predator to roam freely in the public for another year. Compared to committing treason by collaborating with Communists in Vietnam that resulted in the torture of American soldiers in the Hanoi Hilton, she seems to believe that Weinstein’s behavior was nothing to be worried about.

Video courtesy of CNS News.

Here is a transcript from the part of the CNN interview where Fonda tells Amanpour she found out by Weinstein about a year ago:

Amanpour: What do you think Hollywood men should do right now? Studio heads, leading actors? Because it can’t just be the women who have to be brave enough—especially, as you say, most of them were young, fledgling careers.

Fonda: Yes. We have to be helped by men. It is important to know that not all men are predators. There are good men. And the good men have to stand up and defend us and embody other ways of being. We have to believe the women who come forward. We have to speak out. I found out about Harvey about a year ago, and I am ashamed that I didn’t say anything right then.

Amanpour: Why didn’t you. You’re so bold.

Fonda: I was not that bold. Because I guess it hadn’t happened to me, and so I didn’t feel it was my place.

Amanpor: What did you know?

Fonda: One of the women who has spoken out, Rosanna Arquette, told me, and it, you know, it came as a shock and a great disappointment—this male entitlement.

Amanpour: What did she say to you?

Fonda: I want to leave that to her to describe what she went through.

Amanpour: Okay. Because they say it was an open secret in Hollywood.

Fonda: I didn’t realize that, but I believe that its, apparently it was so common that everybody must have known. And, of course, these types of man, it’s not only sexual predation. These tend to be men who treat other people not well. I mean, not people they need. Not people like Meryl Streep or me in my old age. But, you know, he didn’t treat the people who worked with him well. He was just not a nice person, although he could be nice when he needed to. This is very common among these kind of men, it’s a mindset.

You betcha, Hanoi Jane. Just admit it that you’re completely lacking in morals and revel in the suffering of other human beings. Your actions have certainly proven that, and we’d like to hear you finally say it.

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