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WATCH – CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines About Trump “Injecting Politics” Into NYC Islamic Terrorist Attack *VIDEO* #o4anews #Trump

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
November 2nd, 2017

Leave it up to CNN to go the exact opposite of where they should.

Instead of edifying Trump’s call to end the dangerous “Diversity Visa Lottery”, the ever leftist Jim Acosta predictably railed against the President for speaking common sense.

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On CNN’s “Newsroom,” senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta whined about President Donald Trump for tweeting and discussing the so-called Diversity Visa Lottery program after it was discovered the New York City terrorist attacker Sayfullo Saipov used it to enter the United States reports Grabien.

Acosta said, “I think President Trump, Brooke, now has the world record for injecting politics into the aftermath of a terror attack. That is exactly what has happened in the last 12 hours or so as the president has been tweeting about this. And if you look at the comments he made at the beginning of his cabinet meeting, in addition to regarding the U.S. Justice system as a joke and a laughing stock, he also called for sweeping changes to the nation’s immigration system saying we should get rid of the diversity lottery system this has been in place for almost two decades.”

He added,”Keep in mind when the president blames the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democrats for this, this is a program that was put in place by Democrats and Republicans. And there was an effort in 2013 by the so-called gang of eight on Capitol Hill in the Senate that tried to do away with it, Republicans and Democrats. So the president is playing politics with this.”

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