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WATCH – CNN Anchor Shows That Democrats Are So Racist, They Don’t Even Realize It *VIDEO* #o4anews #Democrat #CNN

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November 10th, 2017

Democrats are racist. They always have been racist, and continue to be racist to this day.

How can you tell? When they let their hatred ooze so thickly, that they don’t even notice when they’re being racist.

One such an occasion was when CNN’s anchor was actually disappointed that an alleged hate crime at the U.S. Air Force Academy turned out to be a hoax.


She went even further, saying that it was “unfortunate” that cadets weren’t actually racist.

The cable news network’s Brooke Baldwin made the Freudian racist comments while discussing recent revelations that a racist slur scrawled on the dorm rooms of five black American students was actually written by one of the black cadets.

“A stunning update today on a story we covered in late September,” said Baldwin. “After a month’s long investigation, officials at the school now say this was all a hoax perpetrated by one of the black students.”

In a never-ending quest to distract from the facts, the anchor for CNN deflected to the immense media backlash against the incident, prompting strong rebuttals from Joe Biden, John McCain, and the Air Force itself, all of which turned out to be for nothing.

“It’s just unfortunate to learn who wrote it,” she added.

Watch the stunning admission below.

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