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WATCH – Brainless Twit Tells Taco Bell Employee She’s Racist Because Taco Bell Doesn’t Carry Fries *VIDEO* #o4anews #TacoBell

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November 14th, 2017

A seriously idiotic woman was recorded calling a black Taco Bell employee racist for not letting her order french fries.

The video, taken in an unidentified Taco Bell restaurant in the U.S., shows a woman who appears to be intoxicated, looking up at the menu while trying to order a medium-sized french fries at the counter.

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The employee tells the woman that they do not carry french fries, to which the woman responds, “You’re Burger King, you don’t sell french fries?”


The Taco Bell employee explains to the woman that she is not in Burger King — she is in Taco Bell, which does not offer hamburgers or french fries. The employee then tries to take the woman’s order, who once again, asks for french fries.

Once the woman seemingly understands that the fast food chain doesn’t sell french fries, she attempts to have the employee read the menu. The employee does not.

As the woman continues to stand at the counter, she becomes increasingly distraught that the employee is intentionally not being nice to her, and proclaims, “This is racism at it’s f—ing finest,” before nearly dissolving into tears.

Another customer steps in and tells her it’s not racism — it’s just that Taco Bell sells “tacos and burritos.”

After an exchange with other people in the restaurant, where she claims to work “with people who are challenged every day,” the customer again refers to Burger King — where she apparently still thinks she is.

Another employee tried to help out by “starting over” and walking the woman through the menu, but the woman felt that she had been treated poorly by both the drive-thru employee and the counter employee, and decides to leave, ultimately stating “I don’t like what happened here.”

Had the young woman returned at a later date, however, it’s quite possilbe Taco Bell could have fulfilled her request. The chain hinted that they might soon be offering french fries in a Twitter conversation with Blink 182 member Mark Hoppus, after he lamented that the chain’s menu lacked the fast-food staple reports Fox News.

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