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WATCH – Biden Shows His Lust For Blood & Death In Comments Following Texas Church Massacre *VIDEO* #Biden #guns #o4anews

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November 15th, 2017

Do you have any relatives that are completely stupid, yet your family continues to listen to the idiotic things they say, and take their words to heart?

Americans are one big family, albeit severely divided because of the Democrat’s love of Communism, and unfortunately, we have one of those crazy idiot relatives that people listen to.

You may know him as the former VP, “Shotgun” Joe Biden, the most recent groper in the White House.

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Crazy Joe Biden recently appeared on NBC’s “Today” where he said the hero who shot the Texas church gunman should not have had the weapon he used to stop the murder spree.

Thats great Joe, just great…

So you’d rather the killer continued his bloody murder spree, and to hell with the Constitution? Typical of a Marxist, and yet another reason Americans are still rejoicing that Biden is no longer Vice-President.

Watch below:

Biden’s remark came as a response to a question from someone in the audience who asked him to justify the Democrat’s call for more gun control — even though the shooter was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

“Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying,” Biden said. “Assault weapons are . . . I wrote the last serious gun control law that was written and was law for 10 years, and it outlawed assault weapons and it outlawed weapons with magazines that had a whole lot of bullets and so you can kill a whole lot of people a lot more quickly.”

Biden continued by saying that it is rational that some people not own guns but that there is nothing that can be done if a crazy person obtains a gun legally.

Considering that almost all mass shootings have been performed by Democrats, or the children of Democrats, the “some people” Biden is referring to must be Democrats.

This is far from the first time “Shotgun” Joe Biden has said utterly retarded remarks regarding firearms.

Watch his infamous shotgun comment below.

I think you’ll agree, “Shotgun” Joe Biden should just keep his cake-hole shut about guns. He obviously has no clue what the hell he’s babbling about.

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