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It Begins – Venezuela’s Socialist Govt Barely Escapes Military Coup D’état #Venezuela #Communism

Venezuela is going the way every Marxist nation ends up, even the once-mighty Soviet Union. Eventually the people get fed up, revolt, sometimes with the help of the military. Just like what happened when Yeltsin abolished Communism in the now-defunct USSR.

Welcome to the net result of Marxism.

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The coup plot by disgruntled Venezuelan military officers in March was audacious: Seize control of the capital’s military bases, arrest President Nicolás Maduro and install a provisional government to replace his authoritarian regime.

To avoid detection for a year, conspiring officers eschewed phone calls, texts and emails, and instead sent messages via couriers, said an Army captain who helped plan the thwarted coup. They plotted during seemingly impromptu soccer matches, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Before they could act, though, Mr. Maduro’s intelligence services discovered the plot—described by military analysts as the most serious to date against his government. Authorities quickly arrested nine of the rebel officers, including the head of the largest armored battalion in the capital, and Mr. Maduro’s former interior minister.

As Mr. Maduro runs for re-election, discontent in the barracks is at an all-time high, current and former military officers say. Shortages of food, evaporating salaries and desertions have turned the armed forces into a cauldron of conspiracies against Mr. Maduro, these people say.


“The Venezuelan military is a time bomb, a pressure-cooker,” said the Army captain, who was interviewed in a foreign country where he fled. “It could explode at any time because everyone is unhappy.”

The Information and Defense ministries didn’t answer calls or emails seeking comment.

The Maduro government has arrested dozens of officers this year and cashiered others in a military purge. Official data isn’t available. But military analyst Rocío San Miguel said that in just January and February at least 124 servicemen were imprisoned on rebellion, mutiny, espionage and other charges, far more than in other periods.

“Maduro is conscious that the armed forces are his Achilles’ heel,” said Ms. San Miguel, president of Citizen Control for Security, Defense and the Armed Forces, a policy analysis group that has contact with military personnel.

The nine arrested would-be conspirators are in prison awaiting trial, said a defense attorney for some of them. Other plotters escaped.

Amid the worst economic crisis in decades, many Venezuelans are urging the armed forces to take matters into their own hands, in a country where the military has long been the ultimate arbiter of power.


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May 18th, 2018


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