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Using Social Media, Man Lures Woman To End That Hannibal Lector Would Be Proud Of #o4anews #news

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November 9th, 2017

A Russian poet in his early 20s took a page out of Silence of the Lambs and is now accused of killing a woman and “eating her brain piece by piece.” The court found the man to have been of “sound mind,” ending any chance of an insanity plea,per a local media report.

The blood-chilling episode played out earlier this year in the town of Valday in northwestern Russia, where the man was having a date with the 45-year-old victim that he met on social media.

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The victim was expecting a romantic encounter on the same day as International Women’s Day.

However, the date went horribly wrong after the two got into an argument and the man then caved in the woman’s skull with bottle of wine, according to the regional Investigative Committee.

What followed would send shivers down the spine of the most avid horror enthusiasts.

The man finished his victim off with a knife. He then used a hammer to open her brain case and started eating its contents “piece by piece,” washing it down with the woman’s blood, investigators graphically described the sequence of events.

The young man, who according to local media was hailed as ‘Poet of the Year’ by Russia’s writers union in 2016, was detained shortly after the gruesome incident.

The walls in the apartment where the horrific events unfolded were covered in bloody inscriptions, investigators said, adding that “evidence of cannibalism” was immediately determined.

The suspect confessed to the crime and a medical examination was arranged to determine his sanity. Months into the case, it was “ultimately” concluded the crime had been committed “in sound mind,” reported, citing the local investigative committee.

The criminal case will now be sent to court.

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