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Unprecedented! 3 U.S. Navy Supercarrier Groups Face Down “Little Rocket Man” #o4a #Trump #Navy

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October 25th, 2017

In a stunning display of military readiness and gunboat diplomacy, the USS Nimitz, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Reagan sit parked off the coast of Korea.

USS Nimitz has joined USS Theodore Roosevelt – dubbed the “Big Stick” – and USS Ronald Reagan in the western Pacific, reports the Daily Star.

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The Nimitz weighs in at 100,000-tons and its strike group joins the others in a a show of force unlike any other.

Each aircraft carrier comes accompanied by a flotilla of destroyers and submarines.,

Much to the irritation of Kim Jong-un, the USS Ronald Reagan has been carrying out war drills since last week.

Having 3 supercarrier groups in the same region at the same time is an unprecedented gathering of US naval power.

Defense officials assure the public that any missile fired by the Hermit Kingdom can be shot down before it ever reaches US airspace.

Recently a defector escaped from the rogue state and revealed that “life is hell” under Kim Jong-un’s regime. They fear that two other escapees from North Korea have been captured and returned to the communist nation.

Kim Jong-un will no doubt be livid, and will likely release propaganda videos saying the presence of 3 carrier groups and US military drills in the region are rehearsals for war.

The US Navy confirmed the arrival of USS Nimitz today as top officer Captain Carlos Sardiello promised the warships are “ready for anything”.

The massive carrier cost £3.5 billion ($4.5 billion) and is crewed by 7,500 sailors and marines.

It has a wing over 90 warplanes and helicopters which can take off from its massive 1,000ft long deck.

USS Nimitz arrival comes ahead of Donald Trump visit to the Korean Peninsula in early November.

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