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University Turns Frat House Into “Safe Space For Black Students” #JimCrow #segregation #Democrats

Well, alrighty then!

Nothing like the victims of Jim Crow laws and segregation to demand segregation. It’s kinda like the slaves asking to be whipped, it just doesn’t make sense.

But then again, when did anything make sense in Marxist infested universities these days?

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Just when you thought the stupidity of the elitist, segregation-loving, race-baiting, whining snowflake leftists couldn’t possible come up with anything more stupid, they go and prove you wrong.

Introducing the latest in leftist university madness, the “Segregated Safe Space Frat House For Black Supremacists”!!!

Coincidentally, the house is now the least safe space on campus for white students. It’s like a frat house instantly became Little Chicago…

Via Campus Reform:

Following the permanent suspension of a Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) fraternity, the school is converting the newly-vacant fraternity house into a “safe space for black students.”

In February, an AR-15 rifle and a handgun were found in the WUSTL Phi Delta Theta fraternity house and a nearby vehicle respectively, prompting the permanent suspension of the organization from campus, and opening up a vacancy in fraternity House 5.

Shortly thereafter, Matthew Wallace, a staff writer for the online student publication Student Life, penned an op-ed titled, “Turn fraternity housing over to minorities and women.”

“These ‘brotherhoods’ have done nothing but occupy valuable space and make the University feel unsafe for many,” Wallace asserted, arguing that “In order to remediate the damage they have caused, Washington University should convert fraternity housing into living spaces for minorities and women.”

Naming several prominent universities with “spaces for students of color,” Wallace advocated that WUSTL take the “bold and necessary step in standing up to the white, male supremacy that is fraternities and giving space to minorities and women.”

“The past was only white and male, the future is diverse. Wash. U.: don’t be on the wrong side of history again,” Wallace concluded.

Keep reading here with Campus Reform.



Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
March 23rd, 2018


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