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Turkey Builds 475 Mile Border Wall, No Cries of Racism from Democrats #borderwall #Turkey #Syria

Turkey completed construction on the massive wall they built along the Syrian border, Turkish officials announced on Saturday.

Meanwhile in America, Democrat cries of racism were nowhere to be heard, showing yet another example of their irrational hatred of President Donald Trump.

According to the Turkish officials, the new wall is stretches an estimated 764 kilometers (475 miles) along the Syrian-Turkish border, AMN reports.

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Since Syria and Turkey share a 911 km border, this wall will completely seal off the provinces of Gaziantep, Kilis, Hatay, Mardin, Sirnak, and Sanliurfa.

The wall was constructed due to Turkey’s security concerns across the vast Syrian border; it has replaced the previous fences that were used to separate their country from Syria.

The physical layer includes modular concrete walls, patrol routes, manned and unmanned towers and passenger tracks.


Modular walls are being erected along the Turkish-Syrian borderline with seven-ton mobile blocks, two meters wide and three meters high. The blocks have also been topped with a one-meter-high razor wire.

Ironically, the European Union helped pay for the wall, while allowing their nations to be invaded and occupied by 7th, century barbarians.

Reuters reports that Turkey has completed more than half of a 144 km (90 mile) wall on its border with Iran and will finish it next spring, the firm building the barrier said, as Ankara secures its frontiers from smuggling, illegal immigration and militant infiltration.

State housing developer TOKI, better known for low-cost, high-rise apartment blocks in Turkey’s major cities, has also been building a wall on the border with northern Syria where Kurdish fighters and hardline Sunni jihadis hold territory.

“We started this (Iran wall) in the summer, but the season is very short here. Currently, 80 km of this 144 km has been completed, and when seasonal weather conditions permit, God willing, we will have finished by next spring,” TOKI President Ergun Turan told Reuters.

The wall with Iran, which will stretch along the northern third of Turkey’s Iranian frontier, aims to prevent smuggling and infiltration by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants, Turkish officials have said.

Since the construction of the wall along the Syrian border, militants from Islamic State and other groups have also tried to use smuggling routes through Iran into Turkey, they said.


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June 18th, 2018


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