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WATCH – Tucker Lays Waste To Claim That Trump’s Immigration Deal Is “White Supremacist Plot” *VIDEO* #Trump #DACA #immigration

Tucker Carlson is easily one of the best hosts on Fox News, regularly destroying ridiculous arguments and policies held close to the hearts of Democrat-Communists… This was no different.

In this segment, Tucker destroys a white-hating racist Democrat who claims that Trump’s offer to grant amnesty to 1,800,000 illegal alien DACA “Dreamers” is somehow a white supremacist plot.

Yes, you read that correctly. Allowing latinos to remain in the United States after arriving here illegally, has somehow transformed into a white supremacist plot.

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You have to see it to believe it.

Here’s some of the transcript, and the video is below.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The White House has released their offer for an immigration deal. Their proposal gives so-called Dreamers essentially everything they said they wanted, legalization and a path to citizenship. So millions of people who broke our laws to get here would receive amnesty. Very few of the president’s supporters voted for that when they put him in office last year and some of them are upset about it.

And the left, what’s their reaction like? Well, having gotten pretty much exactly what they demanded, they’re enraged. Not only is Trump’s amnesty offer not enough, they say, it is evidence of a racist plot.

CARLSON: They’re telling you this plan is something the Klan could have produced and probably did. OK, but is it? We took those charges seriously because we felt we should, and decided to take a close look at what the White House has actually proposed. We found that the plan will be many things, not all of them good, by the way. But it definitely isn’t a form of white nationalism. Not unless that term now has the opposite meaning. Let’s go through it. The White House proposal would legalize about 2 million people who currently have no right to be here. That’s a lot of people. For perspective, 13 U.S. states have populations smaller than that. Barack Obama never enacted an amnesty that big. How many of those beneficiaries are white? Now keep in mind, that was the central question in any plan crafted by white supremacists, obviously. Let’s see; almost none of them. Two million more nonwhite people in this country, that’s more than the total population of Delaware or Nebraska, doesn’t sound very much like a legislative burning cross. But there’s more. The proposal would also continue the current system of migration into the back log of applicants is exhausted.

CARLSON: A white nationalist plot? In the history of dumb and dishonest Washington talking points, that may be the dumbest and most dishonest talking point of all. It’s poisonous and it makes people hate each other and it further divides this country, and we do not need more of that. The people who are repeating it ought to be ashamed of themselves, so of course, they’re not. They have to know they’re lying. Then again, maybe many of them don’t know they’re lying. Maybe they’ve actually convinced themselves their rhetoric is true. It’s possible the Democratic Party really has gone that insane. Their new position as it is it’s immoral to restrict any kind of immigration, from any country, in any amount, for any reason ever. Even enforcing our own existing laws, the ones that they voted for and passed in Congress, is now tantamount to a hate crime. Nancy Pelosi has been making that case for months. But the public doesn’t agree with any of this, so by definition, Democrats are extremists on the subject. They don’t care. This is their new electoral strategy. These are their new voters. Whatever it takes.


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January 31st, 2018



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