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The Truth About Illegal Alien “Asylum Seekers” Democrats Refuse To Tell the Public #Democrats #AsylumSeekers #immigration

The researched truth, by Giacomino Nicolazzo

While I am on my political soap box today, I am compelled to tell you something most people in America are not aware of & I guarantee you that most people around the world are not being told.

It has to do with the Democrat’s and Media’s claims that children of illegal aliens being ripped from the arms, and sometimes from the nursing breasts of their mothers, thrown into cages and treated little better than dogs…all at the hands of the tyrannical Trump administration.

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But you won’t believe what just a little research has revealed.

Keep in mind, this is the research the Far Left & the MSM are banking on you will never do. If you don’t know the facts, they are free to lie & brainwash & mis-represent to their heart’s content. And once the lie is out there & repeated enough times…

Well, it becomes the facts! So listen up now!

International law, the very International law that the Far Left (think Obama administration) were demanding the US follow, requires that refugees fleeing a country & seeking asylum do so in the very first country they enter, providing that country will not continue to persecute them. In the instances of the Central, South & Latin American refugees, that country would be Mexico.

But Mexico advises the refugees NOT to request asylum because Mexico will deny the request. They don’t want them! And if the request is denied, the refugee is required to go back to their country of origin. But something else is being violated here. Mexico (under International law) is NOT permitted to refuse a legitimate request for asylum nor are they permitted to send the asylum seeker back into harms way.

To quote:


To be granted asylum, a person must demonstrate that he or she is a “refugee,” that he or she is not barred from asylum for any of the reasons listed in our immigration laws, and that the decision-maker should grant asylum as a matter of discretion.

A “refugee” is any person who is outside his or her country of nationality (or, if stateless, outside the country of last habitual residence) and is unable or unwilling to return to that country because of persecution or well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

International Standards

The concept of first country of asylum is defined in Article 26 of the APD:
A country can be considered to be a first country of asylum for a particular applicant
for asylum if:
(a) s/he has been recognised in that country as a refugee and s/he can still avail
him/herself of that protection; or
(b) s/he otherwise enjoys sufficient protection in that country, including benefiting
from the principle of non-refoulement;
provided that s/he will be re-admitted to that country.

But if the request for asylum is not legitimate and substantiated, then Mexico is free to refuse them. Which is what they are doing.

In these instances the refugees are advised, educated and assisted in making their way to the US. Those that are legitimate refugees with substantiating reasons for seeking asylum with reasons that should allow them to be granted asylum by the US, are directed & assisted by the Mexican government to specific & official border checkpoints. In certain instances, Mexico delivers them to the checkpoint!

Those that have no hope of attaining asylum however, because their requests are fraudulent, are advised, educated and assisted by the Mexican government as to the best location and times to sneak across the US Border illegally, such to minimize the chances of being caught, detained and deported. They are advised that if they are captured, to immediately request asylum.

But when a foreign national is caught illegally crossing the US border, they are detained by border patrol and placed in a temporary holding facility. wherein they are processed and eventually deported. If the illegal alien has children with them, the process is markedly different.

The parents (or adult guardians) and the children are housed together (at US taxpayer expense) for twenty days. During those twenty days they are advised as to the laws they have broken and they are provided with numerous options to remedy their plight.

They are permitted (without being charged with a crime) to re-cross the border (with their children) into Mexico and make their way to an official checkpoint where they can legally and appropriately seek asylum.

If they refuse that option, and decide to remain in detention, they are told they will be charged with a felony and detained awaiting a deportation order from a US court. The order can take up to several months because of the back log.

During that time, their children will be removed from their custody & placed elsewhere because US & International law forbids the housing or co-mingling of children in adult detention facilities.

The children will be placed with other family members currently residing legally in America or with a licensed foster facility until such time as the deportation order is received and executed. At the time of deportation the children are reunited with the parents and taken back across the border as a family through a reciprocity agreement the US has with Mexico.


The illegal aliens are advised NUMEROUS times within those 20 days that they will be charged with felony border crossing should they not return to Mexico voluntarily. In so denying this option, they are told their chances of every getting into the US legally are eliminated.

You see, these people are advised quite well as to their situation and their options. They are treated fairly and humanely. At anytime during the twenty day detention they can opt to return to Mexico voluntarily and attempt to enter the US through proper means and channels, this avoiding a criminal record in the US.

Children are NOT being ripped away from their parents. If the children are removed it is because the parent chose for that to happen.

This is not what the Democrats, the Far Left & the MSM are leading you to believe however. This is NOT what the civil rights organizations & activists are telling you. You are being lied to & deceived because they bank on your apathy & ignorance of information on this & other immigration matters. They are looking only to discredit the current president & his administration.

At no time is the enforcement of these laws, rules and protocols in any way harsher or more frequent than what took place under Obama.

You are being played like a fiddle! But now you know the truth! So spread it!


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
June 20th, 2018


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