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Trump’s Use of Gunboat Diplomacy Brings Historic Peace Treaty Between N & S Korea #Trump #Korea #peace

After all the shrieks by Democrats that President Trump was going to get the USA into a nuclear war with North Korea prove once again, that everything they know is wrong, and if you do the opposite of what they want, it always turns out well.

At a historic summit in Goyang, South Korea, on Friday, the leaders of North and South Korea shook hands and declared peace in our time.

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Speaking through a translator, South Korean President Moon Jae-in — with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un standing at his side — said:

“We had a historical meeting, and reached a very appreciative and valuable agreement. There will not be any more war on Korean Peninsula, and a new era of peace has finally opened, and we are declaring that.”

The two leaders are expected to sign a peace treaty later this year, officially ending a war that began 65 years ago, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Today, Chairman Kim Jong-un and I have agreed that complete denuclearization will be achieved, and that is our common goal,” President Moon told a news conference.

“We will totally end the war on the Korean peninsula and will establish a sound and solid peace on the Korean peninsula.”

Moon said the measures announced on Friday will stop “reckless confrontation” and turn the demilitarized zone “into a peaceful region.” He also declared that “safe navigation and fishing” will be guaranteed.

Taking his turn at the podium, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un said, speaking through a translator:

“It took us a long time for the two Koreas to come together, to hold hands together, and we have long waited for this moment to happen. All of us. And as I stand here today, I can see that South and North Koreans are the same people with the same blood and cannot be separated…and we are not a people that should be confronting each other, that we are the same people that should be living in unity.

“I hope that we will be able to live very peacefully in the future as soon as possible. And I also hope that we would establish a new charter and a path forward.”


Kim said he and his South Korean partner would sign the Panmunjeom declaration: “While the whole world is watching us, I declare the peace and prosperity for the Korean peninsula will never let us repeat our past mistakes.”

Notably, unlike President Moon, Kim did not use the word “denuclearization” in his remarks. Instead, he stressed peace and “unification.”

But the document signed by the two leaders, the Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification, says the two countries “confirmed the common goal of realising, through complete denuclearisation, a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.” They agreed to “actively seek the support and cooperation of the international community for the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.”

The declaration also says families long separated may soon be reunited.

Kim also has invited President Moon to visit Pyongyang later this year.


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April 27th, 2018


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