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Trump Promises Veto of Spineless GOP Immigration Bill #Trump #immigration #DeportThemAll #BuildTheWall

Trump made Democrats cry again, because he won’t sign a weak immigration bill that virtually gives amnesty to every illegal alien currently residing in the United States.

President Donald Trump said Friday he will not sign a House Republican immigration bill that came about after a compromise between RINOS and spineless moderates in the party.

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His statement deals a blow to the legislation, which was unveiled Thursday. NBC News reported that House GOP leaders would not try to build support for the bill Friday as planned as they try to figure out Trump’s position.

The House next week is expected to consider the measure, which offers a pathway to citizenship for illegal alien children, funds Trump’s proposed border wall and ends the diversity visa “lottery” system. The chamber will also take up a separate bill that meets more conservative demands.

Asked Friday about whether he would support the bills, Trump said he was reviewing them.

“I certainly wouldn’t sign the more moderate one,” the president said.


House Speaker Paul Ryan falsely believed Trump would support the measure. Ryan believes it aligns with the “four pillars” the president seeks in an immigration bill.

Even before the Trump’s statement, it was unclear if the legislation could get enough support from House Republicans to pass the chamber.

The proposal aims to assuage concerns of two flanks of the GOP, which controls the House. Leftist Republicans seek a solution for young illegal alien stuck in legal limbo. Conservatives want to boost border security to crack down on illegal crossings.

Try again Congress, this time without considering what illegal aliens want. Perhaps if you were to think in “America First” terms, you can come up with a bill that the President will sign into law.


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June 15th, 2018


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