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WATCH ~ Trump Is “a Symbol of Northern Bigotry” – Master Race-Baiter Al Sharpton *VIDEO* #Trump #racecard

Even those with the best of intentions will sometimes stretch the truth to achieve a greater good.

Then there’s fabricating complete lies out of thin air without even so much as any evidence, just to find an excuse to slander someone.

Generally a person who calls themselves a Christian understands it’s considered a sin to bear false witness, and at least make some effort to avoid committing that sin, to avoid lying as best they can.

It’s a shame that idea has never occurred to Master Race Baiter Al Sharpton.

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On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network weekend host Al Sharpton said President Donald Trump was “a symbol of Northern bigotry.”

Sharpton said,

“He never left the Queens way, he and his father were sued for racial discrimination for who they would rent apartments to. So when you read in The New York Times, him being quoted by two sources saying all Haitians have AIDS, Nigerians won’t go home to their huts if we let them in the country, it speaks of a man that we in New York knew at various times. Now, he and the White House has denied it, but it’s certainly not out of the character of what he has said and done. He led the fight that wanted to [give the] death penalty for five guys in Central Park that did this egregious despicable act of rape. They ended up not doing it. Many of us said it was questionable. He still said give them the death penalty. That’s who he is.”

He continued, “I think a lot of Americans look at Civil Rights and race relations in the South in the ’60s and miss New York in the ’80s where you had many, many incidents.”

He added,

“They get away with it because don’t want to talk about up North kind of problems and Trump symbolizes it. Trump is as much a symbol of Northern bigotry as you have others that were Southern.”


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December 28th, 2017

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