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Trump Signs Free Market Health Care Order, Obamacare Implosion Expected To Accelerate *VIDEO* #o4a #Trump #Obamacare

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October 12th, 2017

President Donald Trump is took the first step to fulfill his vow to dismantle Obamacare, signing an executive order that he says will bring affordable health insurance to millions more people.

The executive order will direct federal agencies to study how to make it easier for small businesses, and possibly individuals, to join together and buy health insurance.

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Separately, the order would allow Americans to buy short-term policies that don’t have to comply with Obamacare’s protections for those with pre-existing conditions. It will also broaden the ability of employers to give workers money to buy their own coverage.

The changes could take six months or more to take effect, the official said.

The moves will allow the free market to make health insurance more affordable for millions of people.

Democrats are terrified that the order may free these association health plans from several key Obamacare regulations and from state oversight, allowing them to sell plans with lower premiums but skimpier benefits across state lines.

It is expected to siphon off younger and healthier customers from Obamacare causing premiums for for the failed health care plan to skyrocket yet again.

As well, officials believe the remaining health insurance companies will abandon the failed Obama initiative completely.

This won’t be Trump’s final say on Obamacare, because he is still pressing the spineless Congress to create a law repealing the failed Obamacare health care law.

White House officials say Trump is considering additional executive actions to dismantle what remains of Obamacare.

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