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Trump Campaign Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Omarosa #Trump #lawsuit

President Trump’s re-election campaign organization filed papers in New York on Tuesday demanding damages from Omarosa Manigault-Newman for violating the terms of a secrecy agreement she signed in 2016.

The legal filing claims the onetime campaign adviser and former West Wing aide disparaged Trump in her unauthorized tell-all book ‘Unhinged,’ breaking a written promise to refrain from denigrating him publicly ‘during the term of your service and at all times thereafter.’

A campaign official said Tuesday in a statement that ‘Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. has filed an arbitration against Manigault-Newman with the American Arbitration Association in New York City, for breach of her 2016 confidentiality agreement with the Trump Campaign.’

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‘President Trump is well known for giving people opportunities to advance in their careers and lives over the decades, but wrong is wrong, and a direct violation of an agreement must be addressed and the violator must be held accountable.’

Manigault-Newman will have two weeks to respond to the arbitration demand, according to a campaign source.

Trump had launched his most personal attack yet against Manigault-Newman on Tuesday morning, just hours after her spicy memoir about working in the West Wing for 11 months went on sale.

The war of words concerns the former Trump aide’s claims that the president was caught on a hot mic uttering the ‘n-word’ racial slur during a taping of ‘The Apprentice’ years ago.

Trump has denied it, saying Monday night on Twitter that ‘I don’t have that word in my vocabulary, and never have.’

His latest tweet came after CBS aired new audio, provided by Manigault-Newman, of a 2016 conference call between high-level campaign aides that supports some of her claims about the rumored tape.

Nothing in the conference call recording establishes that an ‘n-word’ tape exists. It does, however, show Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson telling colleagues that she thinks it did – and musing about how to ‘spin it.’


Although Manigault-Newman also worked for the Trump transition, and then for the White House, her 2016 agreement specifies that she is bound by it after the campaign relationship is over – essentially forever.

It prohibits disclosure of confidential information and public disparagement of the president and his family members.

‘The campaign is holding her accountable for the 2016 nondisclosure,’ a Trump ally told The Washington Examiner.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
August 14th, 2018


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