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President Trump Promises ‘Human Wall of Troops’ To Stop Illegal Alien Invaders #BuildTheWallAndCrimeWillFall #BorderWall #immigration

President Donald Trump promised Tuesday to keep a flood of migrants from the southern border by sending in more military forces.

“We will build a Human Wall if necessary,” Trump wrote. “If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event!”

The Pentagon announced Sunday that they are sending 3,750 troops to help secure the border as additional caravans of migrants from Central American countries are making their way to the border.

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One caravan of illegal alien invaders from Honduras has already swelled to over 12,000 would-be sponges of welfare.

Meanwhile, as the drug cartels have taken over the human smuggling business, the illegal journey into the United States has become even more brutal.

When human smugglers bring those crossing illegally into the U.S., more often than not, there is a kind of ‘final payment’ demanded of their female ‘cargo.’ In short, the women are raped by the coyotes (smugglers) before they can make their way into this country.

After the woman is raped, the smuggler then forces his victim to hang her panties or bra from the branches of a nearby tree.

These sickening road signs along the illegal alien highway are meant to serve as a reminder to all of those who travel these dangerous routes of just exactly who controls the border…the cartels.

As well, a new study proves that nearly 3 percent of illegal aliens in Arizona end up in state prison or jail during the course of a year — four times the rate of U.S. citizens and legal residents, according to a study that uses federal reimbursements for prisons and jails to try to calculate one of the most important yet elusive statistics in the immigration debate.

In New Jersey, illegal aliens are incarcerated five times more often, and rates on the West Coast are triple that of legal residents and citizens, according to the study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. (Continue reading here)


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
February 5th, 2019


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