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WATCH – Trump at G7 – “We’re the Piggybank That Everybody is Robbing, and That ENDS” *VIDEO* #Trump #G7

What good is the G7 conference anyway?

Well, one good use is watching President Trump make the globalists look like complete fools.

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Another idea that Trump proposed was the idea of removing ALL TARIFFS, and creating real free trade. Of course the globalists would have nothing to do with that, it interferes with their plot to create a crushing New World Order.

Now, it was only an idea, but it was put out there. It now leaves the globalists in the precarious position of having to explain why actual free trade is a bad idea.

It was almost as good as him saying he backed legal pot, which would by itself employ millions of Americans and create a whole new industry, and reduce prison incarcerations, lowering the skyrocketing prison costs in America, but that’s not all!

He also said would listen to NFL players if they wanted to suggest presidential pardons. No NFL player has come forward with any suggestions, further exposing their actual goal. Letting thugs live the thug life without an ounce of accountability to the law.

Of course the EU press and the DC/New York media are flipping out as Trump didn’t give the G7 the respect the G7 thought it was due. Apparently, they forgot the notion that respect is EARNED, not given because people think they should get it.

Ms. Merkel has been given this week’s anti-Trump “resistance” crown along with a ridiculous Justin Trudeau at her heals. This is the old guard, the “globalist” crony old guard clinging to power. They don’t like that the US is asserting itself. They would prefer the more hobbled and compliant USA of the Obama era.

Eventually, the EU and the rest of the world are going to figure out that business is not “as usual” with America anymore.


With Obama out of the office, we have a President who wishes for America to succeed, unlike Obama, who wanted to bring us down to the level of the rest of the world. While he may have never said that directly, his actions proved it.

Politico reports:

In the run-up to the G-7 summit, Trump told people close to him that he was dreading the meeting. The president hates being lectured to by other foreign officials and he tends to avoid one-on-one confrontations. Trump is more fixated on building relationships with powerful and domineering world leaders like Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Kim, who he is eager to meet in Singapore.

Tensions over trade, meanwhile, dominated the summit. As POLITICO reported on Friday, Trump, during a private meeting, floated the idea of ending all tariffs and trade barriers between the U.S. and its G-7 allies. Right before leaving for Singapore, Trump upped the ante in his press conference with reporters, warning that he could cut off or severely limit trade access to the United States if G-7 countries don’t cooperate.

Keep moving in the REAL FREE TRADE direction Mr. President. Let’s get rid of the tariffs. Let’s open up trade as it will be good for pretty much everyone on either side of the Atlantic, with the obvious exception of the crony capitalists who now benefit from such restrictions on trade.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
June 11th, 2018


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