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Trump Eliminating Obama’s Racist College Admission Policies, Democrats Outraged! #Trump #racism #AffirmativeAction

The Trump administration is urging colleges not to consider race in their admissions process, reversing an Obama-era guideline that encouraged affirmative action to push white students to the side, while favoring less qualified minority students.

The move, reported by multiple news outlets, restores the policy under then-President George W. Bush that encouraged “race-neutral methods” in college admissions.

Plans to launch the new policy were first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

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The Justice and Education departments will simultaneously issue the new guidelines.

The Supreme Court held that universities may use affirmative action to help minority applicants get into college. Critics contend the practice has gone too far and can now discriminate against white people and Asian-Americans.

Openly Marxist Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said the policy was an affront to American values of diversity and inclusion.

“The Trump administration isn’t just willfully blind to the reality of systemic racism — it’s coldly indifferent to its destructive consequences, and it’s absolutely committed to dismantling any efforts to address our nation’s original sin,” he said.

Mr. Perez added that giving everyone a “fair shot” at higher education should be an election issue that benefits Democrats in November.

The policy rollout coincides with the Justice Department investigating Harvard University’s alleged discrimination against Asian-American students by holding them to a higher standard in the admissions process. The probe was revived last year after the Obama administration dismissed a similar complaint.

The current investigation is based on a complaint by more than 60 Asian-American organizations that accuse Harvard University of using admissions policy to limit acceptance of Asian-Americans.

Vanita Gupta, who led Justice’s civil rights division under former President Barack Obama’s Democratic administration, criticized the Trump administration policy.

“This guidance restated the law and our national commitment to diversity. The retraction reflects that the DOJ no longer has that commitment,” she wrote in a Twitter post.

Her former colleague, Anurima Bhargava, who was head of the department’s civil rights enforcement under Obama, was cited by the Wall Street Journal as saying: “The law on this hasn’t changed, and the Supreme Court has twice ruled reaffirming the importance of diversity.”

“This is a purely political attack that benefits nobody,” she told The Wall Street Journal.


Democrats just love racism. They must, because they’re obsessed with it.

With schools across the country demanding “separate but equal” safe spaces for snowflake minorities who hate white folk, now a University of Texas at Austin law professor Richard Albert, who is black, administered an exam asking students to argue in favor of school segregation in a memo of 1,000 words or less, according to Misrule of Law.

“No one should have been forced to write an essay defending segregation,” one unnamed white student wrote to the class in an email. He said that the question made him “shocked and disgusted” and urged students to complain to the UT law administration.

A clearly racist black student showed the usual faux outrage with the white student’s reaction, but not because she was a fan of the question.

“If you are not a person of color and you felt triggered by the exam question, I would encourage you to actually talk to a person of color in the class because, to be frank, the question did not address your experience,” she said, according to Misrule of Law. “And because it is not your experience, it is not you [sic] place to take charge of the dialogue without consulting the individuals who are actually impacted.”

“Remember the amount of privilege that each of us sit in as we work towards solutions to mitigate or, possibly, remedy these concerns.”

Meanwhile, The Klan With a Tan at Evergreen College is enacting their version of Jim Crow race segregation, believing in their intellect-lacking minds that they themselves are not racist.

After all, only white people can be racist, right? WRONG!

Sadly displays like this are only cementing the notion that minorities are easily the most racist people in America, with demands they don’t deserve and a giant chip on their shoulder just waiting for reality to knock it off.

Don’t think so? Explain why they would say ‘In addition to POC centered events there will be “antiracist” workshops for white folks’.

tudents at the Cultural Marxist indoctrination center known as Evergreen State College, which made national headlines last year after it hosted an event that asked white people not to come on campus for a “Day of Absence,” have organized a new iteration of the controversial event despite administrators’ efforts to shift gears.

Students at the Olympia, Washington-based public school have organized a three-day “Day of Absence” observance that includes a mix of events on and off campus. Some gatherings are advertised as open to all skin colors and others ask that only POC, or People of Color, attend.

A poster hung at the school obtained by The College Fix declares that the no-whites-allowed self-segregation events will be held off campus. It asks people to RSVP at a website that spells out “No Nazis Allowed” in its URL.

Highly ironic, given that Hitler was the one separating races, and sending some to death camps, and now the snowflakes at Evergreen are enacting policies similar to what Hitler did prior to the death camps opening.


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July 3rd, 2018


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