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Trump-Bashing ESPN & Fox Sports Ratings Dropping Off Like Dark Ages Black Plague Victims #o4a #NFL #NFLBoycott

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October 31st, 2017

A business owner can use a variety of ways to determine if they’re being successful. However, if you’ve lost 480,000 customers in a single month, or 15,000 per day, that’s not a good sign that your business model is working.

It’s likely that behind the scenes, the ESPN board room is in an utter panic, wondering what to do, and how to stop hemorrhaging cash flow.

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Cable Coverage estimates show that ESPN lost over 15,000 subscribers every single day during the month of October.

Picture this. ESPN is losing the equivalent of Atlanta, Georgia in customers every month. Stunning isn’t it?

ESPN isn’t the only cable sports giant bleeding subscribers. FS1 lost 584,000 households in the month of October. Though, it is noteworthy, that FS1’s ESPN-esque decline has coincided with their efforts to repeat the mistakes of ESPN. In October, FS1 brought the Reverend Jesse Jackson on Undisputed, the network’s flagship debate show, featuring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.

As expected, Master Race-Baiter “Reverend” Jackson bashed President Trump and used slave references to describe the how players are treated in the NFL. It’s interesting how Jesse believes slaves are paid millions of dollars a year to work part time, voluntarily, signing a contract they agreed to, and can exit at any time.

FS1’s move looks like it came straight from the ESPN playbook, which runs contradictory to the fact that FS1 purports itself to be the polar opposite of ESPN.

Giving that incident, added onto the daily race-baiting from ingrate, America-hating, cultural Marxist Shannon Sharpe; and it’s easy enough to see why the network which branded itself as the alternative to ESPN, has suddenly become just like ESPN.

The numbers spell disaster for ESPN, because due to their ever-shrinking viewer base, can no longer afford Monday Night Football by 2021. That will leave the self-described “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” without any broadcast partnership with the biggest sports league in the land.

All this combined with ESPN’s daily dosage of Marxist activism, their disastrous handling of the Jemele Hill controversy, the Robert Lee fiasco, coupled with the likelihood that NFL games might soon disappear from their network; and it’s very hard to see why anyone will be watching the network in the next few years.

Of course, at the rate in which the NFL is alienating its fan base, there’s every chance that the NFL won’t be the biggest sport in the land in 2021. And that’s fine, ESPN and the NFL deserve each other.

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