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Trump Asks Congress For $18 Billion To #BuildTheWall *VIDEO* #Trump #immigration #MAGA

In what will be quite possibly one of the largest construction projects in American history, it appears the border wall is about to become reality. President Trump has the votes in Congress to pass funding the wall even without Democrat assistance, and despite him offering an olive branch in DACA amnesty, they are still playing the obstructionist card and nothing else.

So Trump moves on without them.

The Trump administration is asking Congress for nearly $18 billion to construct more than 700 miles of new and replacement barriers along the southwest border, offering its most detailed description yet of the president’s vision for a border wall with Mexico.

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The request, if granted, would be a major expansion from the 654 miles of barrier now, bringing the total to nearly 1,000 miles—about half of the entire southwest border.

The plans are laid out in a document prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for a group of senators who asked the administration to detail its request for border security. The document was described to The Wall Street Journal by two people who had seen it.

In total, the administration details about $33 billion in desired new border-security spending, including funding for technology, personnel and roads. The document refers to this as “critical physical border security requirements.”

President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the border to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking, and promised Mexico would pay for it. Congress hasn’t agreed to spend any money on the project, and Mexico has repeatedly said it won’t fund it.

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So what do you think? Should America build a border wall along the Mexican border? Share your thoughts below.


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January 5th, 2018

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