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Trailer Trash Tramp Miley Cyrus Babbles Incoherently About Gun Control #o4a #guns

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
November 12th, 2017

In the wake of the heinous Texas church attack, pop mega-star, and trailer trash tramp Miley Cyrus attacked President Trump’s stance against more gun control and demanded the passage of new gun laws.

The manly-voiced Voice coach whined in an Instagram post on Monday how a “WHITE AMERICAN MAN!” had perpetrated another mass shooting, revealing that she’s “disgusted” and “embarrassed” by her country for not passing more gun laws.

Her push comes in spite of the fact that the attacker passed a background check for his rifle and in spite of President Trump’s assertion that new gun laws would do more harm than good.

Cyrus slammed Trump and stood against his contention that the Sutherland Springs’ attack was a mental illness issue, rather than a gun issue, writing on Instagram: “I’d like to believe that EVERY person who takes the life of another being is ‘mentally ill. It’s hard to conceptualize that a sane human could commit such a hideous crime. BUT I am sorry Donald Trump this absolutely is a ‘GUNS SITUATION.’”

My dreams have become nightmares & those nightmares , reality … This isn't fair , this isn't right , this isn't just , this isn't human! This is a TERRORIST act by a WHITE AMERICAN MAN! I am heartbroken & embarrassed. Mortified by our country & its shitty system , lack of control/laws! This does NOT HAVE or NEED to happen! It's devastatingly disgusting! This is exactly why the lyrics of Bad Mood were so important for me to share on a major platform. I wanted to bring awareness to the fact that everyday we are waking up to more terrifyingly painful information that makes it nearly impossible to feel optimistic that things are going to change! They say it gets worst before it gets better in some cases & I wish on every star that this is the worst of it! I continue to be hopeful that enough is enough and the eyes of the ignorant will open and realize that (gun) VIOLENCE has to stop! This assholes Facebook profile photo was a fucking riffle ! "I don't know how much more it can take!" #FuckGuns #FuckViolence ???????????????? My love is with you TX!

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It’s likely she doesn’t recognize it as a mental health issue, because Miley herself is bat-shit crazy.

The problem with Cyrus’ arguments is that they are theoretical; they deal with human nature via the progressive prism that sees the possibility of utopia here on earth.

In reality, such utopia is not possible. Rather, the actions of a bad guy are only kept in check by good guys who can shoot back.

In short, Miley Cyrus doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. As if anyone with an ounce of sense would take anything she says seriously?

President Trump recognizes this, which is why he views gun control as dangerous because it limits the ability of law-abiding citizens to acquire the guns they need for self-defense. In the case of the Sutherland Springs, Texas, attack, it might have prevented Stephen Willeford from possessing the gun he needed to stop the church attacker.

As Trump astutely observed, “[With more gun control] you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or a rifle in his truck, go out and shoot [the attacker], and hit him, neutralize him”, reports Breitbart.

Should the Texas church attacker, Devin Kelley, have been able to buy a gun? Not based on his 2012 arrest and subsequent conviction. But the Air Force somehow fumbled reporting his record to the National Instant Criminal Background Check system (NICS). So the need is not for new laws or new systems, but for full compliance — including information sharing — with the system that is already in place.

After taking heat from several social media users over her “white American man” comment, Cyrus posted another picture to Instagram of her “favorite WHITE AMERICAN MALES” — including her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her two brothers.

As if anyone cares what the trailer trash tramp known as Miley Cyrus thinks? Please…

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