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Too Weak To Stand Up For Themselves, Snowflake California Student Assigned Bodyguard #education #Snowflake

Bullying was front and center in Woodland on Thursday. After months of pressure from fed-up parents of weakling children, the school board officially addressed the issue.

The outcry follows at least two recent cases of severe bullying that gained public attention. One was so serious, a cowardly snowflake student was assigned a campus escort. Parents who are unwilling or incapable of teaching their children to stand up for themselves, say bullying problems are not being made a priority, while the district admits it can do better, reports CBS Sacramento.

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“The kids had drug him—two kids—and stuck pebbles and grass in his mouth,” said grandmother Candi Martinez.

The stories of the children of Democrats bullying continue to surface within the Woodland Joint Unified School District. Martinez says she’s terrified to send her 12-year-old young grandson to school.

“We seem to have a systematic failure,” said Martinez, ignoring the long history of failed liberal policies which created a generation of Tide Pod eating, Raid insecticide smoking snowflakes.

Many school board members agreed they’re getting more bullying reports than ever. Last month, a pathetically weak high school freshman tried to take her own life, and when she returned to school, her mom says she was assigned an escort to get around campus.

“That child has a bodyguard paid for by our school district. Our district is losing money. It shouldn’t even come to that,” she said.

The district couldn’t confirm the bodyguard claims but said the practice has never been used before.

“We have not had escorts for students as a result of bullying,” said Woodland Unified Executive Director of Pupil Services Geovanni Linares.


Board members weighed long-term solution and changes, including stricter punishments for bullies, mandatory tracking of incidents and better communication with parents. Nothing was mentioned about teaching snowflake students to stand up for themselves.

“How many times have our children been bullied and our parents don’t know and they don’t know to intervene?” asked Martinez.

“That’s an area of growth for us, definitely,” said Linares.

Linares said the district also plans to make uniform policies to deal with bullying at all schools and follow up with parents about incidents.

Martinez says things have to change, and now.

“We’ve got a real problem and we need to address it. we can’t afford to let it go.”

She’s right. It’s time to shun all things liberal, and teach children to stand up for themselves instead of continuing to raise a snowflake nation.


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May 14th, 2018


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