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Texas Woman Brings Home ‘Kittens’ That Turn Out To Be Bobcats #Texas #wildlife

Animal authorities in Texas said three people are recovering from bites after a woman brought home a pair of “kittens” that turned out to be bobcats.

“These bobcat kittens are now orphaned and under quarantine with our partners at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation because someone thought they looked like house cats,” the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services said in a Facebook post. “Several people were bitten.”

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Officials said a resident found the small animals Saturday and thought they were Bengal cat kittens. She took them home, where she and some visiting friends from Austin attempted to bottle-feed them.

The group’s suspicions were raised when the kittens’ aggressive feeding style shredded the plastic bottles and left the three people attempting to feed them with bite wounds.


The people sought help from city authorities after researching the cats’ markings online and discovering they were actually bobcat cubs.

Officials said they will attempt to locate the bobcats’ mother to see if they can be reunited. If not, they will be cared for by experts until they are old enough to survive on their own.

In other recent wildlife news, a big cat poacher has been killed and eaten by the pride of lions he was hunting at a private game reserve in South Africa.

Meanwhile, sharks and stingrays are showing that nobody likes California liberals, as a record number of attacks have been recorded this year.

On a final note, Wildlife managers in Florida say they want to remove roaming “Herpes monkeys” from the state in light of a new study that finds some of the animals are excreting a virus that can be dangerous to humans.

Scientists studying a growing population of rhesus macaques in Silver Springs State Park in Ocala say that rather than just carrying herpes B, which is common in the species, some of the monkeys have the virus in their saliva and other bodily fluids, posing a potential risk of spreading the disease, reports the Tampa Bay Times.


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May 9th, 2018


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