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VIDEO – Texas Police Release Stunning Video of House Exploding #police #crime

Police in Texas released unseen dash cam video of the moment a house exploded right in front of an officer earlier this month.

The blast happened in the city of Hurst back on April 7, after a driver lost control, crashed into the house and hit a gas line.

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A few days after the blast, Officer Travis Hiser explained how he was responding to a call of a vehicle hitting a house. He said one he arrived he saw the white SUV sitting partially inside the front of the house, got out of his patrol vehicle and went toward the truck. He’d been walking less than five seconds when the house blew into pieces — literally.

“I did feel a giant wave of heat push over my right side,” Hiser said. “I could see a lot of orange and flames before I shut my eyes.”

The video released today was from Officer Hiser’s dash cam. Corporal Ryan Tooker was also at the scene when the explosion happened. “This is not a small home. The entire roof was on the ground and these walls were blown outwards,” he said.

In a post on the department’s Facebook page police said, “Great work by Officer Hiser, Corporal Tooker and the rest of the team who assisted at this incident.”

Miraculously Officer Hiser only received minor injuries. The blast injured a mother, father and son inside the home. The woman had the most serious of the injuries, and at one time was listed in critical condition, but all members of the family are expected to fully recover, reports ABC7.

The man who crashed into the house, Alejandro Enriquez-Castro, was not injured. He was arrested for not having a driver’s license, where his immigration status will be determined.



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April 19th, 2018


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