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WATCH – Texas Man Finds Out the Hard Way, Don’t Shoot At Police *VIDEO* #crime #police

Video released by authorities shows a suburban Houston police officer fatally shooting a driver during a traffic stop after the man ignored requests to stay in his vehicle and drew a handgun, which police said Friday had been reported stolen. The driver, identified as 44-year-old Marco Antonio Saavedra, had four warrants for his arrest, said Pasadena Police spokesman Vance Mitchell.

After Thursday’s shooting, Pasadena police released video from the officer’s bodycam and from his vehicle’s dashboard camera.


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As soon as Saavedra stopped his car, he opened his door and could be heard saying, “What did I do” as he stepped out of his vehicle and stood up.

The officer told Saavedra three times to “stay in the vehicle” and then told him twice to “show me your hands.” Saavedra had his right hand behind his back as he stood next to his car.

Saavedra then leaned back into his car before drawing a handgun. The officer fired several times, hitting Saavedra on the left side of his body.

The driver then stumbled around the street before raising his gun a second time. The officer fired several more times, hitting Saavedra, who then fell onto the pavement.

Pasadena Assistant Police Chief Joshua Bruegger told reporters Thursday the shooting appeared justified but the case would be presented to a grand jury.

Mitchell said Friday that Saavedra had arrest warrants on aggravated assault charges and for violating his bond. Court records show Saavedra, from Houston, had been accused of assaulting his wife on at least two occasions.

The Pasadena police officer, whose name was not released, was put on administrative leave for several days. CBS affiliate KHOU reports the officer, who wasn’t hurt, is a 13-year-veteran and the police department says this was the first time he’s shot anyone.

In the video, the officer pulled over Saavedra’s white car after the motorist ran a stop sign. (Warning: Some viewers may find the video disturbing).



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April 2nd, 2018


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