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High Terrorism Threat Brings Closure of Christmas Market #Christmas #terrorism

High Terrorism Threat Brings Closure of Christmas Market

Just a sign of the times…

Back in the good old days, Christmas was the best time of the year. Kids playing, snow falling, Christmas cheer in the air, and most everyone was in high spirits. Nobody even gave the remotest thought to danger.

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But that was before Europe was living under foreign occupiers from the Middle East and Africa, Christmas festivals were some of the most amazing in the world. The stuff of postcards and memories.

Those days are long gone, replaced with security guards, machine-gun armed police, concrete vehicle barriers, and crucifixes being removed from Christian monuments across the continent.

Nothing in this world is free, and now the Christmas market on la Croix-Rousse hill in Lyon, France, has been cancelled because organisers cannot afford the €20,000 ($17,000) security budget.

The annual Christmas market, with its stalls, marquee, and farm animals, has been cancelled because the cost of securing the site day and night was prohibitively expensive, whilst towns and cities across Europe are fortifying their Christmas markets with anti-terror barriers, reports Le Progrés.

“For a year, requests to secure our events have increased,” says Maïlys, project manager at the Lyon Côté Croix-Rousse merchants’ association.

This year the cost of security would have reached nearly 20 000 €. To at least balance our budget, we should have increased either the number of stands or the rental price of the sites (€ 2 to 3,000 per week).

The decision to delete the 2017 edition was complicated and difficult to take, but no solution could be found, despite our discussions with the town hall. Nevertheless, we are already thinking about a new version for Christmas 2018. “

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December 5th, 2017

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