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Teenager Rips 74 Year Old Man’s Eyes From Sockets During Brutal Assault #crime #evil

Police say a 74-year-old man will never see again after an assault at Rochester Square Apartments Friday afternoon.

Just after 2 p.m., officers were called here to check out a noise complaint.

A horrific scene awaited them.

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“You just don’t know until you get on scene. And for our officers, they are trained to expect the unexpected,” Captain of Investigations of Rochester Police Department John Sherwin said. ” In this case they certainly encountered a scene that you often don’t see.”

Police say they found 18-year-old Mahad Aziz straddling the 74-year-old victim in a pool blood.

Police say the attack between relatives was sustained and vicious – both of the man’s eyes had been completely gouged out of their sockets, and most of his teeth were knocked out. No weapons were used, reports 25 News.

“There are a lot of things that we don’t know. Mainly due to the circumstances of the assault,” Sherwin said. “The injuries sustained by the victim makes it difficult to, at least during our initial investigation, find out exactly what happened. What we do know is that an assault occurred between two individuals. ”

Police say Aziz would not speak to them, and was then taken to Mayo Clinic – Saint Marys for a mental health evaluation.

After being medically cleared, Aziz was booked. He currently remains in the adult detention center.

Investigators believe he pulled both eye balls out of the victim, and neither eyes have been found, raising speculation that Aziz may have eaten them.

The victim and the suspect are related.

Aziz was charged of first degree assault on Monday. Sherwin says the department only charges a handful of first degree assaults a year due to the language in the law.

“It’s a permanent injury that’s disabling. A permanent loss of a bodily function. And obviously that applies in this case,” Sherwin said.

As for the 74-year-old victim, his injuries may not be life-threatening, but he will be dealing with the loss of his vision for the rest of his life.

“You lose your eyes, it’s not…there’s no replacement,” Sherwin said. “Obviously this is an injury that is going to change this mans life.”


In another case of youth attacking the elderly, Pastor William Graney and another Resurrection Parish staff member were assaulted at the Pike Creek Catholic church, according to New Castle County Police.

County police officers were called to the church at about 2 p.m., according to a statement from the department. After arriving, witnesses directed the officers to the suspect, Joshua August, 25, who was leaving the area on a skateboard, police said.

The officers approached the suspect and apprehended him after a struggle, police said.

A subsequent police investigation found that church employees first were alerted to a problem when they heard arguing and then a struggle inside of Graney’s office, according to police.

They followed the sounds into his office and there they saw the August punching and kicking the priest in the face and stomach while he was on the floor.

The church employees tried to break up the fight, “but the white male subject pushed them aside and (then) went into another room, grabbed a bottle of wine, returned and poured it all over the injured pastor,” police said in the statement.

He used the empty wine bottle to then strike Graney in the head, police said. Then, he grabbed a can of compressed air and sprayed it into the priest’s mouth, police said.

After that attack, church employees were able to lure the suspect outside by telling him they would give him a ride and money, police said. Once outside, the employees locked the front door behind him.

The suspect then tried force his way back into the church, striking and breaking its main doors, police said. Still, he wasn’t able to enter.

Police then arrived, as well as medics, who took Graney to a local hospital where he was in stable condition on Monday evening.

Another parish staff member suffered minor injuries, Wilmington Diocese spokesman Robert Krebs said.

The suspect also was taken away by medics and treated for minor injuries. He remained in the hospital on Monday evening under the custody of police. He will be arrested and arraigned after he is discharged, police said.

Resurrection Parish offices will be closed and daily Masses canceled until further notice.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
August 1st, 2018


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