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Taliban Reeling As Trump-Led U.S. Military’s “Seek and Destroy” Tactic Decimates Terrorist Army *VIDEO* #Trump #military #Taliban

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November 21st, 2017

Judgment Day for the Taliban has come. There’s a new Sheriff in town, and President Trump has taken the shackles off the military and instructed them to do what they do best. Destroy the enemy the most effective way possible.

Secretary of State, retired General Mattis heard the president, and put his orders into action.

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ISIS was sent fleeing into the shadows within months of Trump being sworn into office, and President Trump ordered the military to take the fight to the Taliban like they did ISIS.

U.S. Afghanistan commander Gen. John “Mick” Nicholson says that in the first “significant” use of expanded authorities he is now able to target the source of the Taliban’s power: Its estimated $200 million annual income from opium sales.

Under President Barack Obama, U.S. commanders were barred from conducting offensive airstrikes against the Taliban. Airstrikes had to be defensive and conducted in proximity to Afghan forces on the ground.

Under President Trump’s new strategy, the U.S. is free to seek and destroy the drug labs that are the lifeblood of the Taliban, in the same way the U.S. targeted oil trucks, refineries and cash storage that provided a steady stream of revenue for ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, reports the Washington Examiner

“These new authorities give me the ability to go after the enemy in ways that I couldn’t before … to use airpower in the most effective way, going forward,” Nicholson told Pentagon reporters in a live briefing from his headquarters in Afghanistan. “We’re hitting the Taliban where it hurts, which is their finances.”

BY THE NUMBERS: Nicholson says the Taliban has become a full-fledged “narco-insurgency,” a criminal enterprise that makes its money by drug trafficking, illegal mining, kidnapping for hire and murder. “Profits from narcotics now exceed their operating expenses,” Nicholson said. “We find that the leadership of the Taliban fight over the money, and it’s often divided along tribal lines.”

Percentage of world’s heroin linked to Taliban: 85 percent
Percentage of heroin in the U.S. from Afghanistan: 4 percent
Street value of Afghanistan opium: $60 billion
Estimated profit to Taliban: $200 million
Number of Taliban drug labs: 400-500
Number of Taliban drug labs destroyed Sunday: 10

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