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Swamp Monsters Whine When Bolton says Purge Will Continue #Trump #Bolton #politics

National security adviser John Bolton has informed National Security Council employees that staff changes are imminent, including an influx of new people and a reorganization.

The memo sent by Bolton informed staffers that the changes could include combining higher-level director positions.

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The source said that while some at the National Security Council (NSC) welcome Bolton’s changes, the news will upset many White House staffers who are overworked and overwhelmed as a result of the administration’s mercurial foreign policy. The disgruntled source claimed that it is possible that skilled NSC staffers will leave their posts as a result of the changes, supposedly making it hard to attract other potential staffers.

Bolton is the third national security adviser to serve under President Donald Trump in the 15 months of the Trump administration. He succeeded H.R. McMaster earlier this month. And McMaster succeeded Michael Flynn, who resigned in February 2017, Fox News reports.


A number of top national security officials — including NSC spokesman Michael Anton, homeland security adviser Tom Bossert and deputy national security advisers Ricky Waddell and Nadia Schadlow — have either been pushed out by Bolton or have chosen to leave because of his appointment. One of those former NSC officials, retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, was chosen Monday by Vice President Mike Pence to serve as his national security adviser.

When Bolton assumed his post, he immediately purged two high-profile employees, as we reported previously.

It appears that Bolton will continue the purge until he has rooted out anyone and everyone he deems incompatible with President Trump’s vision for foreign policy.

One thing is for certain. The do-nothing days of the corrupt Obama administration with ever-changing “red-lines” are quickly becoming a distant memory.


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April 25th, 2018


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