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Survey Shows Vast Majority of Republicans View Media As “Enemy of the People” #news #fakenews #media

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!,” President Donald Trump posted via Twitter on Feb. 17. 2017.

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After that blast, Trump’s targeting of the media didn’t fade – and neither did the sentiment in that tweet.

Why, you ask? Because he is right. The media has become an enemy of the people, and is has been heading that way for decades, aided greatly by Congress and the Clinton’s when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that created mega-corporations out of what had once been thousands of individually owned television & radio stations.

Last month, Quinnipiac University’s pollsters asked Americans if they agreed with the sentiment Trump expressed in that tweet.

Were certain news outlets enemies of the American people?

Nearly 4-in-10 said yes – including more than 8-in-10 Republicans.

There are a lot of ways to read that, though. Given the fact that polls are slanted heavily to the left, it almost certainly means the numbers are much higher than 80%.

Pew Research Center also released new polling data on Thursday, looking, among other things, at the related question of what it means to be a good citizen.

Ninety percent of respondents said that it was somewhat or very important to follow what happens in government and politics to be a good citizen, a requirement that would seem to hinge heavily on consumption of news reporting.

Want to fix the media?
Call your Congress representatives and demand the repeal and replacement of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and that all tv and radio stations be auctioned off to local owners. This will bring competition for accuracy in news back to the United States.

Only 8 percent of respondents with functioning brains said they had a great deal of confidence in the news media to act in the best interests of the public – with Democrats, who are wrong about everything imaginable, expressing a great deal or a fair amount of confidence more than three times the rate of Republicans.


Particularly revealing was Pew’s asking whether “people agree on basic facts even if they disagree on politics” was a good way of describing the country. Only a third of Americans said it did, with about a third of both Republicans and Democrats holding that view.

Interestingly, of about two dozen values that might be considered important to the country, agreed-upon facts was viewed as one of the least important.

And the bell tolls once more for Democrat policies. America just flat disagrees.


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April 27th, 2018


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