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Mom or Dad? Groundbreaking Study Reveals Who You Inherited Your Intelligence From #science #DNA

Here come the arguments! Mom or Dad, where did you inherit your wits, your smarts, your intelligence? It’s been debated since humankind first walked the planet, and the answer is certain to make Muslim’s heads explode.

Most people might assume that the skills, abilities, and tendencies children inherit are split 50/50 between parents. And for the most part, it probably is.

But according to a new study, intelligence comes from one place: Mom.

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The research, which was featured in Psychology Spot, claims people are born with “conditioned genes,” and those genes work differently depending on who you get them from, whether that be mom or dad. But now, they’ve discovered that intelligence comes only from mom.

Intelligence is found in the “X” chromosome, not the “Y.” And since women carry two ‘X” chromosomes, children are twice as likely to inherit their intelligence from their mothers.

That’s not to say that dad can’t pass on his intelligence genes, but even if he did, it wouldn’t matter. The new research revealed it wouldn’t make a huge difference since it only works if it comes from mom. In essence, the intelligence you inherit from dad will be “deactivated” in favor of mom’s.

“If that same gene is inherited from the father, it is deactivated,” Psychology Spot’s report stated. “Obviously, other genes work the opposite and are activated only if they come from the father.”

For even further proof, Psychology Spot referred to a 1994 study that focused on 12,686 young people between the ages of 14 and 22. The study consisted of various questions to test the children’s Intelligence Quota (IQ). Researchers discovered that the best way to predict the future intelligence of your children is to look at the IQ of their mother.


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December 26th, 2017

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