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Stolen Guns Recovered After Mother Drives Thieving Son To Police #crime #news #guns

Two handguns, stolen from Circle D Pawn Shop, have been recovered after his mother drove him to the police department to turn himself in.

The department says 21-year old Quayshaun Roberson was caught on camera on a security camera sprinting out of the store.

“Once I reviewed the video, I am thinking there were red flags all around,” Owner of Circle D Pawn Shop Mike Blair says. But the store was busy that day, and Blair says Roberson had been in his store before, possibly to scoop out the place.

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Blair says Roberson made his first purchase from his store back in early December, and he still has that receipt.

Then this past Saturday, Roberson came in again, but Blair told him the pawn shop was closing for the day.

“When he came… ‘Where are your firearms.’ We already put them up we are closed. I said Hey I’ll make you a good deal next time you come in. He got a good deal didn’t he?”

Monday morning around 10:30, staff say video shows Roberson paced for about 20 minutes in the store and kept checking the windows, News9 reports.

Later, they say he asked to compare two Glocks side-by-side, but they had no idea, he left his car running outside to make a quick getaway.

“This was pre-meditated, there is no question. He came in, knew what he was gonna do, and waited for the right time,” Blair says.

Blair says clerks aren’t supposed to hand over more than one gun at a time to a customer. Now, they are reevaluating procedures and adding other changes to their daily policies.

“We are going to retain driver licenses for someone that wants to look at firearms,” Blair says.

Because pawn shops notify each other when stolen guns are pawned at their shops, police say many times these firearms are instead sold to those who can’t get a gun legally.

However, just after Roberson turned himself in, police confirmed the guns had been recovered. Investigators say Roberson is possibly related to law enforcement officer in the metro area.

As long as the firearms weren’t involved in any other crimes, Blair says he’ll get those guns back.

The firearms are estimated at more than $1,000, which could mean Roberson might face a complaint of grand larceny.


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January 12th, 2018

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