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Stockton, California To “Experiment” With Marxism – Will Transform Into Communist City #o4a #Communist

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October 22nd, 2017

The idea of a guaranteed income for all citizens regardless of their social and economic standing is called universal basic income (UBI), and it’s been floating around for centuries.

Marx, Lenin, Trotsky & Stalin championed this notion, and put it to work by creating the Soviet Union (USSR) through the Bolshevik Revolution. It brought a level of pain, suffering, death and despair unlike anything humanity had ever seen.

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Now, Stockton, California, mayor Michael Tubbs is looking forward to giving failed Communism one more try reports Futurism.

The Mayor plans to begin his experiment in Communism that he fondly calls the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED). When the experiment begins next year, it will be the first trial for full-blown Communism in the history of the United States to ever receive government support.

The bulk of the cash for the “SEED” scheme will come from a Pro-Marxism group. the Economic Security Project (ESP), which pledged $1 million to launch the program. The plan is to select a yet undisclosed number of recipients from among Stockton’s 315,000 citizens to receive a fixed $500 monthly income — or $6,000 a year — for the duration of SEED, which Tubbs hope will last three years, and ease the recipients into accepting Communism.

Tubbs believes Communism could be a creative and necessary alternative to actually being useful and getting a job. The 27-year-old mayor told the leftist propaganda rag, Vox, his inspiration for SEED came from his twisted views of Martin Luther King Jr and his personal experience growing up in poverty, claiming he saw firsthand the stress and hardships caused by not being able to pay bills and other necessities. “The stress isn’t because people don’t have character. It’s because people don’t have cash,” he said.


Proponents of Marxism say solving poverty is the benefit of a guaranteed income, but fail to mention that once fully implemented, everyone lives in abject poverty, barely scraping by in conditions far worse than poverty in America.

Leftist experts in Communism are using fear to push their idea of money for nothing, using the specter of robots putting people out of work to convince them of the “merits” of being a slave to the state.

Critics of Communism, point out the inevitable side-effect that was a glaring issue in the now-defunct Soviet Union: people given a fixed income, especially those who are unemployed, would dissuade them from pursuing jobs. A Communist Universal Basic Income, they say, will promote a culture of laziness and complete dependence. History has proven the critics to be correct.

Mayor Tubbs is confident the citizens of his city won’t squander the opportunity afforded them by Communism.

“I’m excited about just showing what people do with increased economic opportunity. Being able to devote their time full time as a parent or caregiver, going back to school to [re-skill], investing in a new business,” he told Vox.

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