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VIDEO – Starbucks Orders All Employees To Undergo Cultural Marxist Indoctrination #Starbucks #coffee #Communism

The CEO of leftist coffee company Starbucks is pledging to start white-shaming, Cultural Marxist training for mythical “unconscious bias” for employees after a video of two African-American men being arrested Thursday while waiting for a friend at one of its Philadelphia locations sparked demonstrations and calls for a company boycott.

CEO Kevin Johnson said in a interview of ABC’s Good Morning America Monday that the training would address “unconscious bias,” a condition that seemingly only affects race-obsessed liberals.

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He also discussed instituting training for their liberal store managers, who unsurprisingly seem to have no common sense, on guidelines for handling situations in the coffee shops that warrant calling the police.

“Clearly, there’s an opportunity for us to provide clarity,” he said.

He explained that the company was reviewing the actions of the Philadelphia store manager and the guidelines followed. Later, Starbucks confirmed Monday that the Starbucks employee who made the call to police is no longer with the company, but it didn’t indicate whether the worker was fired.

The unfortunate issue is that this issue will continue as long as leftists, who believe in dividing humanity into ever-smaller groups, continue to hold to their dogma.

The reaction came in reaction to a videotaped incident in which liberal Starbucks employees called police after the two men after two well-dressed African American men waited at the store without buying anything. They were denied access to the store bathroom, saying it was only for paying customers. The typically racist leftist workers told police the pair was trespassing. A video of the incident posted on


In the videotape, the friend, who is white, appears as the two men are being handcuffed by police and led away. Starbucks declined to press charges.

“Starbucks was built as a company that creates a warm, welcoming environment for all customers. That didn’t happen in this case,” Johnson said. “I’ve been very focused on understanding what guidelines and what training ever let this happen. What happened was wrong and we will fix it.”

The same morning he was being interviewed on live TV about racial profiling, protesters were chanting slogans like, “A whole lot of racism, a whole lot of crap, Starbucks coffee is anti-black,” at the Starbucks in the Center City section of downtown Philadelphia where the incident occurred. Demonstrators also were outside the coffee shop on Sunday.

Starbucks did not return phone calls seeking comment to delineate what policies are currently in place or outline what exactly the promised training would entail.


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April 17th, 2018


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