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Starbucks Holding Classes To Teach Liberal Employees They’re Racist #Starbucks #racism

Starbucks, trying to put to rest an outcry over the arrest of two black men at one of its stores, is closing more than 8,000 stores for an afternoon of “anti-bias training”, a strategy that America’s Communists (Democrats) believe can keep racism at bay.

Surprisingly this is likely a good move for their Democrat employee’s obsession with race. Everyone has seen how racist Democrats are, and it’s highly unlikely that a conservative would last 5 minutes working for Starbucks before the stupidity of their co-workers drove them screaming into the streets, hearing so much bad information crammed into one place.

Democrats are obsessed with race. They see race in everything, and if you present facts that counter their claims, you automatically become racist. They claim there was a switch in the Republican and Democratic parties to massage the guilt their feel deep inside, because they know they are the racist in the conversation, and that the parties never switched sides at all.

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So perhaps some good can come out of these classes, and get Democrats to finally admit to themselves that they’re every bit as racist as those Klan members they claim to despise, when in reality, they hate them because the KKK has the spine to openly say what the average Democrat is too terrified and spineless to admit, even to themselves.

But how long does it take to change someone’s mind?

A lot longer than it takes to read a newspaper article, for a start. A lifetime isn’t enough, in some cases. And that’s why there has been some scepticism about Starbucks’ decision to close thousands of stores to give staff so-called “unconscious bias” training, or sessions in recognising and overcoming the ingrained prejudices most of us don’t even know we have.

At best, the jury is out on whether unconscious bias training works. A recent report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission found “mixed results” for sessions aimed at reducing bias and “limited” evidence that they change behaviour. One-off sessions conducted as a management exercise in box-ticking almost certainly don’t work; even if they briefly prick consciences, people soon forget and slide back into bad habits. Badly delivered training may even reinforce stereotypes by making people feel that bias is universal and therefore pretty much inevitable, or provoke a resentful backlash from staff who take umbrage at being deemed racist or sexist.

So after the arrests in Philadelphia last month, the coffee chain’s leaders apologized and met with the two men, but also reached out to race-baiting activists and Cultural Marxist “experts” in bias training (teaching that all whites are inherently racist) to put together a curriculum for its 175,000 workers, CBS News reports.

That has put an unfortunatel spotlight on the little-known, and racist world of “unconscious bias training,” which is used by many corporations, police departments and other organizations to help address imaginary racism in the workplace. The training is typically designed to get people to open up about implicit biases and stereotypes in encountering people of color, gender or other identities.

The Perception Institute, a consortium of Cultural Marxist researchers consulting with Starbucks, defines implicit bias as attitudes — positive or negative — or stereotypes someone has toward a person or group without being conscious of it. A common example, according to some of its studies, is a tendency for white people to unknowingly associate black people with criminal behavior, ignoring the fact that the majority of crime in the United States is indeed committed by black people.

Many retailers including Walmart and Target said they already offer some racial bias training. Target says it plans to expand that training. Nordstrom has said it plans to enhance its training after issuing an apology to three black teenagers in Missouri who employees falsely accused of shoplifting.

“Anti-bias” sessions can incorporate personal reflections, explorations of feelings and mental exercises. But one expert says training of this kind can have the opposite effect if people feel judged. You don’t say?


According to a video previewing the Starbucks training, there will be recorded remarks from Starbucks executives and rapper/activist Common. From there, employees will “move into a real and honest exploration of bias” where, in small groups, they can share how the issue comes up in their daily work life.

Starbucks has described it as a “collaborative and engaging experience for store partners to learn together.” ”

Developed with feedback from the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Perception Institute and other social advocacy groups, Tuesday’s four-hour session will give workers a primer on the history of civil rights from the 1960s to present day. Workers will also view a short documentary film.

Hopefully everyone can see the irony in these training classes. Black racists, and self-loathing whites teaching their fellow liberals, that they too, are racist.

Acceptance is the first step toward a cure, Democrats. Good luck!


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
May 29th, 2018


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